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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What the Hell is Going On?

This just didn't make any sense!

I don't remember anything before last night. Nothing to explain why I'm someone else's house. Nothing to explain why I was alone in said house. And definitely nothing to explain why I now had breasts and a pussy!

Why can't I remember anything? This shouldn't even be possible! There's no way I can be a woman. There's just no fucking way.

This has to be a dream. Ow! Fuck. No, pinching myself didn't wake me up. Think, dammit, think! Who was I with last night, where did I go?

Wait, how do I know it's only been one night? Maybe they drugged me and kept me sedated while they put me through surgery to make me a woman. I could have been out of it for months!

Or maybe this is all in my mind. Maybe I just secretly wanted to be a woman and didn't know it and now my mind is forcing my ideal world to the forefront.

Or maybe I was sucked into an alternate reality where I'm a wo...

"Did you have to shoot her with a tranquilizer dart?"

"No, but she was starting to annoy me."

"Great. That's real professional."

"You would have done it if you had the gun."

"Whatever, looks like the mind changes haven't taken affect yet."

"Yeah, well let's take her back up to her room and let her sleep it off. Maybe when she wakes up she won't be so damn yappity."

"A pleasure to work with you, as always."

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