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Sunday, April 5, 2009

His Magic Chest

His grandmother's old chest was a godsend as far as Jack was concerned. Any sort of clothing that he could imagine, if Jack reached into the chest, he would find it, awaiting his grasp. Not only that, but the clothing would change the wearer to fit it exactly. Today Jack planned on changing into a member of the opposite sex, a choice Jack was making more and more frequently these days. Picking out an outfit from his sister's Vogue, he imagine the outfit into the chest and it out.

First was the wig, which, once in place, immediately attached to his head and became his own hair. Next came the bra. As soon as the clasps were set and the bra was in place, breast sprung up to fill it out. Jack stopped for a minute to admire them, but soon moved on to the panties, which removed his member and filled his ass out to complete it.

Jack knew from experience that he could change his legs, hands, and face with three simple pieces of cloth, even if they weren't part of his outfit. First came the pantyhose, which smoothened and lengthened his legs. Next were gloves, which Jack had imagined would fit the woman from the magazine. The piece for his face wasn't clothing per say, but it worked nonetheless. It was a plastic mask that Jack placed on his face, which distorted his features to mask the model's perfectly, make up and all. Jack put on the blouse, which continued to shrink his waist.

Jackie, which is what Jack called himself by this stage, was happy with her new chest, and the rest of her body. She had it all because of the chest, which she had all to herself. It was her secret. Or so she thought...

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