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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Body and Soulmates: Chapter 4

“Yes. I’m ready.”

“Okay, but first… Your nipples are twice as sensitive.”

“What? Oooh, you bad…”

“You feel me give you a deep passionate kiss. You feel my lips pressed against yours, with my hand against the back of your head, pulling you towards me. You feel my bare chest against your breasts and the bulge of my crotch pressed against yours. You feel as we passionately make out. You feel as we stop for me to take off your shirt and bra, but begin to make out again, even more violently, your bare chest against mine. You feel me break the kiss and begin to kiss and bite your neck, moving up and down towards your shoulder. You feel as I continue to kiss down your chest towards your breasts.”

Andrew could hear Stephanie’s breathing become more labored, and then nothing at all. She must have dropped the phone.

On the other end, Steph could still feel Andrew kiss her breast, but became aware that he wasn’t moving from there, and that she could no longer hear him. She opened her eyes and realized Andrew really wasn’t there, but she could still feel him kissing her chest. She leaned over and picked up her dropped phone. All she said was, “I’m putting you on speaker.”

Andrew started right back up. “You feel me move down towards your right nipple, kissing more softly as I get there. You feel me move my left hand towards your left breast, massaging it as I kiss your right nipple, moving my tongue along it. You feel my mouth suck on your nipple, my tongue playing with the tip of your nipple,” Andrew paused. “Your breasts grow in size, but are no less sensitive.”

“Oh my god,” Andrew could hear Steph whisper.

“You feel that your pants and underwear are already off, and so are mine. You feel me move from your right nipple to your left as I move my right hand down along your stomach towards your crotch. You feel as I move two fingers along the lips of your vagina. You feel my fingers push inside your vagina, just part way. You feel them move up towards your clit, where you feel my fingers massage your clit. You still feel my lips and tongue on your left breast, licking and massaging your nipple.”

“Oh my god. Please enter me,” Steph’s breathing was very heavy, letting out a groan and a whimper with increasing frequency. “No more, no more. Do it, put your dick inside me.”

“You feel me remove my lips from your nipples and my hand from your vagina. You feel as I move to position my dick at the entrance to your vagina. You feel as I rub the head of my penis on your clit. You feel me slowly enter your vagina, inches at a time. You feel me suddenly push my dick deep within you vagina, all the way to the hilt.”

Stephanie let out a small shriek. Her breathing was becoming much faster paced.

“You feel my dick moving up and down within your vagina. You feel me laying on top of you, your breasts against my chest. You feel me kiss your neck as I continue to pump my dick in and out of your wet pussy.”

“Oh my god, Andrew. You’re dick is so big. Fuck me, Andrew. Faster, harder. Oh!” Steph nearly screamed it. But Andrew was focused on the fact that his dick was indeed larger now. Much larger. This gave him an idea.

“You feel my dick grow in thickness inside you.” Steph’s gasps and screams growing in intensity. “You feel me fuck you harder and harder, faster and faster. You feel my dick inside you, every ridge and vein, pumping within you. You feel…”

But at that moment, Andrew heard Steph scream in glorious orgasm. “You feel me orgasm inside you, pushing up against your crotch with great force.” Steph’s breathing was becoming less labored and more even as she came down from her orgasmic high. “You feel my dick remove itself from your vagina.”

“Oh my god, Andrew. That was amazing. I can’t believe you weren’t actually here.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Wow. Just give me a minute to come down from that. Oh my god, I’m still wearing clothes! That was so cool.”

“You know you made my dick bigger while we were doing that?”

Steph laughed, “I did? I’m sorry. Do you want me to bring it back down?

“No no. That’s okay. I’ll keep it for now,” Andrew joked. “You know, listening to you, I’m really horny again. You think you could…”

“Again? I suppose I could whip up something… You feel…”

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