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Friday, April 10, 2009

Rings of Power: The Photoshoot Part III

We changed bodies often. With the sexy shots of me being taken and the large differences in the female body type I was experiencing, I was beginning to feel at home in a woman's body. I liked how the breeze felt across my skin, I liked how I looked every time Tyler changed me. I liked how Tyler looked at me in his own constantly changing female body. I loved how I felt sexy and powerful, yet delicate and seductive.

Time flew by, and all of a sudden it was getting dark out. I wasn't ready to stop. Tyler felt the same way. But we both needed to eat. We didn't change back to our male bodies before we went to the kitchen.

I was feeling flushed. The day's activities hadn't worn me out. Instead I felt invigorated and ready for more. And horny. Really really horny. I walked over to the sink to get myself a glass of water. I took a large gulp and set down the glass on the counter. But when I turned around, Tyler was standing there less than a foot away from me, completely naked. We were approximately the same height now. Tyler leaned in and kissed me, a deep, tongue-filled kiss. And I nearly melted under its power.


"Shh. Don't call me that now." Tyler's face was flushed as well. And beautiful. "Let's just give in and do it. I'm so horny I could burst."

"I know, me too. But no, it's just weird." And while it was weird, I wanted it just as much as he did. Tyler sensed this, but he used some more of the ring's power to convince me.

All of a sudden my breasts expanded even further than the enormous size they already were. Not only that, but I could feel my nipples become much more sensitive. I gasped in surprise and lust. I didn't know that Tyler still had the gold ring. I was beginning not to care.

Tyler reached over and cupped each of my breasts over my bra. I couldn't help but breathe harder and push against his hands. "Please..." I breathed.

"What? What do you want?" Tyler whispered.

"Again. Bigger, do it again." I reached behind me to let my breasts escape my bra. As soon as they were free, Tyler enlarged them even further. He leaned in and kissed one of them. My knees almost buckled. I gave in. We passionately made out and groped each other's bodies for what seemed like eternity. She began to massage my clit, and it was all I could do to not scream out.

Of course I did all I could to return the favor to Tyler, but the changes she implemented on me kept me from keeping a clear head. I orgasmed three times from her tongue and hands. I wanted her to keep going, but she stopped me and told me it was her turn. I moved to lick her pussy, but stopped when I felt a pressure around my groin. I looked down to see something growing there. She had given me back my dick, only now it was huge! And she, judging from the way she was laying, she wanted me to fuck her with it. And fuck her I did. We went for hours, fucking in different positions. All throughout the process, she's orgasm or scream out and I would change. I didn't really care at the time, but I could feel myself grow longer hair, or my breasts grow even larger, or my ass get bigger. At one time she made my legs stronger so I could pump her harder.

I woke up in the morning laying with my back on the floor, my nipples pointed at the ceiling. I could feel Tyler stir towards my crotch once again. I was surprised to see that I once again had a vagina. I took this chance to steal the gold ring off of Tyler's finger and replace it with the silver ring from my finger. Now it was my chance to have a huge dick inside me.

Tyler smiled at me with her beautiful smile and I gave her a dick bigger than the one she had given me. I turned and presented myself for her. She did not hesitate.


I didn't know where my photography career was gonna go, or if I would ever make any money again. But I did know that I would never go back to my male body ever again. And I knew Tyler wouldn't either. We would be constantly changing women forever, fucking each other silly on the kitchen floor until the end of time.

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