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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Expanding Horizon

It was a long day for Cedric, and now he just wanted to relax. And what better way to let off some steam than to get his rocks off at his laptop? No one else was home tonight, which was good because he had had problems in the past with roommates busting in at inopportune times.

As Cedric sat down, he thought it might be a good time to expand his sexual horizons. Normally he kept to a very small genre of porn, only white women with bleach blonde hair. So in his search for something new (which isn't very hard, considering the plethora of property out there), he came across something new and strange website that he had never seen before.

It had a dark and mysterious tone about it, but Cedric wasn't dissuaded. He browsed through some of the pictures, liking what he was seeing. Aside from the pictures, there was only one video featured. He did not hesitate.

She popped up immediately. A gorgeous girl with bleached blonde hair. Perfect, thought Cedric, no longer caring about expanding his horizons. She was sitting in a chair in an otherwise empty room, the camera framing her entire body. She was naked, and her large breasts lifted from her chest with each breath. She didn't do anything other than stare into the camera, and soon Cedric felt like she was looking directly at him. He locked eyes with his screen and her eyes.

Her left hand lifted up and rubbed her opposite shoulder, Cedric found himself doing the same. He ran his hand all the way up and down his arm just as she did. If he could break his gaze with the screen, he would see that his own arm was becoming more tan and slender. His right arm and hand losing muscle mass, becoming more dainty. The woman and he did the same thing for his other arm.

Cedric didn't remember taking off all of his clothes.

The mysterious woman brought both of her arms up to her face and began rubbing, running her hands through her beautiful hair. Cedric was fully turned on, and was too involved in the video to notice the hair dropping in front of his face. She ran her hands over her throat and Cedric's breathing became slightly higher. She ran her hands over her smooth legs, and as Cedric did the same, he loved the feeling of those legs. His ass became rounder and shapely under his lovely new hands.

Cedric thought it strange that he was copying her movements, but found he couldn't stop. But it was only when he was copying her movements over his chest and felt breasts growing underneath that he became worried. His breasts were huge (he shouldn't even have breasts) and his whole body felt off, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from the blonde on the screen.

The woman's hand moved down to her vagina, and Cedric could feel his penis shrivel underneath his hand. He reached inside himself then, and the tension he had been feeling built and built while she fingered herself. Cedric couldn't believe how good it felt, and massaged her breast at the same beat as the woman. The woman's eyes began to waver with distracted ecstasy, and Cedric could feel the spell breaking. But just when she felt she could take back control, she exploded into orgasm. The spell broke, and she thrashed around in her chair, continuing to finger herself in the dying throes of passion.

She collapsed onto her keyboard, not noticing that the website had changed back to her traditional porn page. And she hadn't changed back. Cedric was still panting from the best orgasm she had ever had, when she realized the huge boobs she was laying on. Now she had the control and sense of mind to panic.

But just then, she heard her roommate come through the door. This would definitely be one of those inopportune times, and she was still so horny...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Power Coins

It's been a quiet day in Angel Grove, California (for once). But with a quiet day comes studying. Even if the six Rangers are charged with protecting Earth from Rita, they still have tests to pass. Today, Tommy and Kimberly are in their own study group, but they planned to meet the rest of their friends for smoothies afterward. But their studying was taking a lot longer than usual. For you see, the two had been secretly dating for over a month now, and their study/make-out sessions were getting a little more intense with each visit.

"Tommy," Kimberly breathed during a momentary break. "We should be studying."

"Of course we should," said Tommy, but he didn't stop kissing her neck. Kimberly pulled Tommy's head away from hers and looked him in the eye. They both stopped and stared at each other before again resuming kissing each other, but with increased intensity. Just when Tommy was starting to reach under her shirt, his comm rang out, making them both jump. It was Alpha.

"Time to go back to work," sighed Tommy. They each picked up their morphers and beamed away in sparks of green and pink.


They had their mission. Rita's next monster was terrorizing the school. They knew what they had to do. It was morphin' time.

"It's morphin' time!" yelled Tommy.

"Triceratops!" "Pterodactyl!" "Mastadon!" "Saber-tooth Tiger!" "Tyrannosaurus!" "Dragonzord!"

But when the team arrived on the scene, something was horribly wrong. You know, besides Rita's newest monster.

"What?!" yelled the Green Ranger. He looked down at his uniform, but jolted at a yell to his left.

"How?!" yelled the Pink Ranger. She was also looking down, and looked at the Green Ranger quickly. She ran over to him and whispered. "How did this happen?"

"I don't know. This is so strange." The rest of the team was distracted with fighting the Puddies, and had yet to notice the two straglers. Both were too shocked to move, but when they saw their friends in danger, they nodded to each other and went to fight. They would figure out what happened later.

Tommy felt off, but no less powerful. He still knew how to fight. Kimberly didn't quite know how to handle this. But she didn't lose her instincts. Soon, the Puddies were defeated.

Without warning, a hideous monster appeared in front of them. It cackled menacingly, and roared in defiance when Rita's magic wand made her monster grow.

They needed Dinozord power now.

"We need Dinozord power now!" shouted Jason.

From the depths of the earth emerged the five Zords that would combine to create the Megazord. Tommy watched in fascination and horror. He knew how to get in his machine, but didn't know how to use his new power coin to merge the Zords together. Kimberly had a completely different problem. How would she call the Dragonzord? She couldn't play the flute-dagger.

At almost the same time, both their suits took over. At Jason's behest, Tommy's new suit made him pull out his power coin, engage it, and begin the initiation sequence for the Megazord. Kimberly pulled out her dagger and began to play, not knowing where the notes were coming from. She jumped in her Zord and knew just what to do to control the machine.

As always, Rita's monster never stood a chance.


But when they returned to the Command Center and un-Morphin' Time'd, Tommy and Kimberly looked at each other in horror to find that they still had a huge problem, but now they didn't have suits to hide it.

"Well done, Rangers," Zordon boomed from his pillar. "But beware, Rita will strike again. You must continue to be strong, as you have."

"Thank you, Zordon," stated Jason proudly. "We'll be ready for her."

Alpha 5 chirped in approval and the others nodded in agreement, Kimberly and Tommy with markedly less enthusiasm.

Back at Kimberly's home, they finally had the privacy necessary to confront their problem.

"Why haven't we changed back?" Tommy nearly screamed from his very feminine body and pink clothes. They had been holding back a torrent of emotion and confusion for several hours

"Shh!" Kimberly was worried about someone finding out she was in her boyfriend's body. Her green clothes weren't helping her calm. "I don't know. There's no reason why this happened."

Tommy started taking deep breaths to calm himself, sat down and started thinking things through. "It started when we morphed. This is gonna sound weird. Did we do it right?"

"We do it the way we always did. Unless..." Kimberly pulled out her Power Coin. She nearly cried at what she saw. "I have your coin."

"What?" Tommy almost fell off the bed. He pulled out his coin. "Oh man. Here! Switch it back!"

They hastily changed coins. There was just one thing they had to do to confirm.

"It's morphin' time!" they both yelled together.

Since that fateful day, Tommy and Kimberly's relationship only grew stronger. And after some time of doing everything right, they began to warm up to the idea of switching Power Coins again. After all, who would believe they could switch bodies? And if they had to fight as each other, the suits would help them out. Only years later, after they had passed their powers onto a new generation, did they tell the other Rangers what they had been doing.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back Through the Surf

Michel refused to lose this year's race. For the past 12 months, he has done nothing but train for the day when he would finally take the gold and beat his arch-rival Jean-Pierre. They had each been rivals for years, ever since their first race together back in the big 1930 race together when they had come in neck to neck. Jean-Pierre had come in first by less than a nose.

They had raced together ever since, not as friendly competitors, but as fierce rivals. Michel would always lose, but only just. Today, that would end.

This fateful race would be held on the beach road, a treacherous asphalt track that wound between jagged cliff and raging ocean. Many a biker had nearly met their end on this road. Michel walked his bicycle up to the starting line, preferring to save his legs for the race. Jean-Pierre walked up along side him, throwing a Michel a look of removed disdain. Confidence oozed from his pores. Michel hoped that would be his downfall.

The race began with a gunshot. The hundreds of bicyclists rode off at a relaxed pace, slowly building speed, passing each other in a graceful dance of precarious combat. Michel was already in the lead, he refused to take the first leg easy, pulling himself ahead of all the other racers quickly and deliberately. He knew this strategy was dangerous, as his legs could easily wear out before the big finish. But he didn't care, all he could see in his mind's eye was the look of defeat on Jean-Pierre's face. He pumped the pedals harder.

Passing the half-way point, Michel was far ahead of any competition. But that was where he made his mistake. Michel began a downhill slope, a point that any sensible biker would rest, but he continued to push himself and his bike beyond reasonable speeds.

He couldn't break in time for the next turn. With all his might, he tried to break, pressing his soles into the pavement. But to no avail, he flew over the edge, into the grass, flying recklessly past trees and rocks, until he landed face-first in waist high ocean.

Technically, Michel was lucky. This was the only part of the shore that had shallow waters and few rocks. As Michel pulled himself out of the salty water, he gasped for breath and took a quick assessment of his body. No broken bones, very lucky. But something felt off. He looked down and saw two breasts protruding underneath his white shirt. His legs were smooth and womanly, and long dark hair was hanging in his face.

Just as he was about to panic, he heard the rattling of the next bicyclists tearing their way down the hill he had just failed to overcome. He saw the smug smile of Jean-Pierre as he flew around the bend and out of sight.

Determination rose up in him. Even now, he refused to lose again. He picked up his bike, remarkably unscathed, from beneath the ocean water and jogged with it, his powerful yet womanly legs pumping through the surf, onto the sand, and back up the trail to the road.

No, he would not lose again.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Picture Yourself...

It's been a while, but seeing as how I've been linked to by both Rebecca Molay and TG Comics, I figure I better get my rear in gear. Just a simple one for now, I'm trying to see if I can make one of my favorite novels, The Music of Chance, into a good short story. I think it'll work out, but it needs some fine tuning.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TG Caps Blog Dream

As if I needed another reason to write this blog...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cap: New BOoB Design

Look at me! I'm writing actual caps! I've had this pun running through my head for a couple of weeks now, but no thoughts as to how to use it. I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome to Fight Club

"Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club!" She stood center stage, spotlights beaming from above, tattoos and skin glistening in the harsh light of the bar basement. "Third rule of Fight Club: if someone yells "stop!", goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over. Fourth rule: only two women to a fight. Fifth rule: one fight at a time, girls." Everyone laughed, a harsh discord of nervous giggles and confident huffs.

She continued. "Sixth rule: the fights are bare knuckle. No shirt, no shoes, no weapons. Seventh rule: fights will go on as long as they have to." She stopped and glared at everyone, her unblinking stare piercing each heart for what seemed like an eternity, though she did not tarry on any one person for more than a split second.

"And the eighth and final rule: if this is your first time at Fight Club, you have to fight."
Everyone cheered, a surprisingly brutish sound for how many women were present. Tyler Durden stood off to the side and let us get ready for the tonight's fights.

I had no idea what to expect when I was "invited" to this club. A friend of mine from work had gone once and said it had changed his life. But the first and second rules were that you couldn't talk about it, so I would just have to see for myself.

I was one of the first to arrive, only my buddy Dave and three others were arriving with me. It was a crappy little bar in the middle of a vast parking lot. Middle of nowhere in downtown Los Angeles.

We walked down to the basement together, but it was there that things took a turn for the unexpected.

A wave of naseaua hit me, but left as soon as it came. I felt off. But when I looked around, I noticed that I was suddenly surrounded by brutal and beautiful looking women. They were tattooed and bruised, each with a look of harsh intensity.

Others were arriving, each becoming a different woman. Most were tattooed, some had sports tape wrapped around their large breasts for protection. All looked ready to kick ass.

It was after I had seen so many other transformations that I finally thought to look at my own.

"This is the woman inside you," said a woman who stood where Dave once was. "This is who you will fight with."
I looked into the warped and jagged mirror near the stairs and saw the woman inside me. I was beautiful. My hair was just a little bit longer, with a strike of purple running through it. My face was smaller, a stud in my lower lip and lots of mascara around my eyes. I had tattoos along the left side of my body, Japanese symbols on my shoulder and a little marching boy under my arm. My tits were smallish and my waist had contracted considerably. Both of my nipples were pierced as well as my navel. My ears had large black hoops where the piercing should be. All I was wearing now were panties and torn jeans.

"Fight?" I asked. I my first word in this new body.

"You'll see."

It was then that Tyler Durden first came down the stairs. She was a menacing woman, tattoos running up and down her arms and stomach. Her breasts were bigger than most of ours and in her eyes we saw the fiery passion that I was just beginning to feel. She immediately stood in the center of the room.

"Welcome to Fight Club..." she began.

It was my first night. I had to fight.

The woman who used to be Dave, now a tall brunette with smoldering brown eyes, came forward, took my wrist, and led me to the middle of the ring. I would be tonight's first fight.I fought hard. Something within me found the fury to match each of Dave's blows. I let go, I let the raging woman who I had become take me over. The others screamed and roared with each punch. They didn't root for either one of us, only for the next solid punch.

I pushed away and turned to face Dave. My boobs were sore and scratched, my knuckles bleeding and bruised. Blood dripped down the side of my face. Panting and smiling, I stared into the eyes of my opponent, seeing the matching exhausted glee in his eyes as well. She was just as bruised as I was. Each of us were on our last legs. We had knocked each other down over and over. I had smashed his head into the cement and he had nearly broken one of my arms. The next blow would determine this fight.
She punched hard. I hit the concrete floor with a sickening crack. I didn't get back up. Not this time. But I was smiling. I was in excrutiating pain, but I had never felt more alive than in this moment. An exhausted female Dave and other women picked me up. Dave hugged me and I hugged back with what little strength I had left. I laughed with him, rejoicing in the ecstasy of my first fight. Someone dragged me to a wall and let me sit.

Dave leaned in before going to watch the next fight, "Hooked?"

I smiled, half deranged and exhilarated. I rolled my head to face him. Blood dripped from my mouth. "Rematch next week."
The whole time, Tyler had been standing off to the side, observing quietly. Every once in a while, she would give a small smirk at a sharp crack of heads butting or the satisfying crunch of fist meeting face. Others cheered loudly, wishing not the destruction of anyone but the thrill of destroying something beautiful. We were all even in the eyes of Fight Club.

Tyler lit another cigarette with a quick flip of his silver lighter.

I watched other fights from my spot against the wall. I cheered with the other women, though each cry was partly a cry from pain. At the end of the night, nearly half the room was bruised and beaten, but the fire of the night was alight within them.

Each turned back into the man they had been as they left the harshly lit basement into the crisp night air, but I could see the stride of the prideful women inside them.

I was the last to leave. I waited until even Tyler Durden had left the basement. I looked down at the blood and sweat that drenched the floor. Taking a deep breath of the stench trapped down here, I knew I was hooked.
I came back the next week. And the week after that. My female body came back with me, scarring and healing just as my body did. In fact she never left. Whenever I'm at work, filing papers and crunching numbers, I can feel her inside me, waiting patiently for her chance to come out and relieve my tension out through her fist into another woman's jaw and stomach. She used to be nameless, this raging brute of a woman inside me, but she has accumulated one all her own: Scarlett. The others call her Scar for short.

I am Scarlett's wasted life. She is my smirking revenge.

**Pictures from Suicide Girls.**

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Status Update: One Month

Yes indeed it has been one month to the day (and probably to the hour) that I started this little site I like to call The Fedora Hat. 30 TG stories later this blog is at full swing and I have no intention of stopping.

I'd like to thank Rebecca Molay for linking to me in her blog and everyone else who has begun to do so as well. It's always a joy to see my Follower count jump another number or see my link on another site.

I'd also like to thank those of you who write your fun and supportive comments. In no particular order: Lady Alexia, Celtic Wish, Michael, Tina, Sport, and zakiszak thank you. I really appreciate the comments and the sense of community I already feel within the TG bloggers.

And what better way to celebrate than with a story about my favorite magical TG subject? Bodysuits!


"This bodysuit is amazing!"

Tenchi was still marveling at his voluptuous breasts when he made the exclamation. Every time he put the suit on, he could change his appearance into that of any woman he imagined!

Last night he had envisioned a smokin' hot japanese girl from online mixed with a blonde bimbo from his class. The previous night he had tried the body of Jessica Simpson. There seemed to be no limit to what the bodysuit could turn him into.

Tonight he had decided that he would try what he thought a comicbook superheroine would look like in real life, but without the clothes of course.

He had waited until night time as always and stripped down all of his clothes in preparation. He didn't need to, but the latex of the suit always felt nice against his bare skin.

He always started with his arms, unlike most people who started with their legs. Well most people who own body morphing suits, that is. Tenchi liked to imagine that most people started with their legs. As soon as the tips of his fingers touched the inside tips of the suits', he no longer felt the skin. That had freaked him out the first time, but now it felt natural that his chubby fingers fit inside such delicate hands so easily.

He pulled each arm up to his shoulders and let the chest of the suit lay on his own. He liked to play with this part, as the breasts seemed to inflate whenever they touched his chest. So he'd pull the suit on and off his chest. Tonight he played for over ten minutes before finally moving on to pulling on his new head. He accidentally brushed his new nipple and shivered at the touch. His dick hardened quickly at the sensation. He worked the mask over his scalp and felt as his own hair no longer existed, to be replaced by long and luscious locks of the hot brunette he had envisioned.

Finally were the legs, which he put on one leg at a time. Tenchi always laughed at himself for that joke, it never had truer meaning. Too bad there was no one around to tell it too. Oh well, his secret, their loss. No more leg hair and perfectly toned legs were such a huge benefit to putting on the suit. As he pulled it up around his ass, he could feel as he now had a large ass to match his equally large breasts. Not only that, but his dick had been replaced by an already moist vagina.

The only thing left to do was to close up his back and neck, but before doing that, he took a hand and arm of the suit. With his own hand, not the suit's, he massaged his own breast and sighed at the feeling of a simulated man touching him. Tenchi loved the feeling and basked in the pleasure.

Tenchi finished up and put his arm back inside the suit and closed up the rest of the suit at the bottom of his neck. Maybe he'd go out and get another man to massage his breasts tonight...and maybe a whole more.

"This bodysuit is amazing!"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Fountain of Youth: Sacrifice

"Legend tells of a lake that provides life. The lake yields youth and beauty to any who swim within its waters. The path to this long foretold 'fountain of youth' is long and treacherous; many have died in pursuit of its promises. Of all who have sought the lake, only one has returned, but not as he came.

The man's scars and injuries were healed, his skin was flawless and his eyes, although sad, shone with the fire of immortality.

Many men asked how he made it or what lies in wait beyond the dark forest. To all questions, he said only one thing:

'Sacrifice your life for eternal life.'

No one knows what he meant by it, and to this day, no one has ever made it to the lake alive. But those who do make the trek know that they must sacrifice something, but they do not know what.

And the man? He still lives, high up in the mountains, still grieving over that which he had lost."
My grandfather told me this story time and time again. It was always my favorite story. And thinking back, it was probably the reason that I grew to love the outdoors as much as I did. Now, twenty years later, I still keep his teachings and stories in mind whenever I go out into the wilderness.

So much so, in fact, that I have been researching the fabled lake in an attempt to see if there was any truth to my favorite bedtime story. I hit the jackpot over a week ago when I used satellite images to sweep an area of forest. The only reason the lake even sparked my interest was that it's not on any paper maps, ancient or current. I have since made the journey through dangerous forests and high ravines.

Today, I finally reached the fabled lake. There it was, the fountain from my stories and legend. It was beautiful, trees and crystal clear water.

I wasted no time in stripping down all my clothes. I stepped into the water, refreshing in its coolness. I could feel my energy returning almost as soon as my toes touched the placid surface of the lake. I laughed, it seemed as if I could do anything, especially with my feet. My feet were under the water, and they felt powerful. I wanted that feeling for my whole body, so I dove headfirst into the center of the lake. I swam around and marveled at how my body felt.

I could feel my body literally change around me. It felt as if my hair was growing in tenfolds, my chest and ass expanding, my facial features were changing. I was so overjoyed at having finally found the lake that I took each change in stride. It didn't worry me that my waist and arms were shrinking. I loved how my legs felt smooth and soft, as if the water was giving them new life. My crotch and chest felt wonderfully sensitive to the water rushing past my rejuvenated body.

Still laughing, I walked out of the lake, my body still awash in the glow of being given eternal youth. Only then did I notice the changes that had taken place throughout my body. I had become a woman. My hair was long and blonde, my arms were so skinny, my voice was too high. I was beautiful.

I did not understand it, how could this happen? But then it hit me, my grandfather had warned me time and time again:

"Sacrifice your life for eternal life."

I would live forever, but in a body completely foreign to me. No connections, no friends, no family. Was it worth it?

Friday, May 1, 2009


Today, I accidentally ran into the girl I have crush on. We both fell down, but I laughed it off as I got up. She didn't apologize or say anything at all. She just walked away. In my body. And I was in hers. FML.

Today, I switched bodies with my girlfriend with this weird medallion. According to the directions, we could switch back after 12 hours. We each decided to live each other's lives for those 12 hours and then meet back when the time was up. I had fun, but was eager to return to normal. I waited for over 2 hours. She never showed up. FML.

Today, I used my Master PC program to turn myself into a woman for the first time. I stayed home and messed around, but when I went to change myself back, I accidentally deleted my original form. Now I have to start from scratch, and my wife is coming home soon. FML.

Today, my ex-girlfriend bought me a lifetime pass to the Bikini Beach. FML.

Today, I was able to have one wish come true. I wished for a big-titted woman. I got the wish, because now I am that big-titted woman. FML.

Today, I bought a bodysuit that changed my body into that of a fully-functioning female. The only problem is that you can't get semen on it, or the suit is permanent. I put my hands in the suits' and jacked off using woman's hands. I was careful to not get any jizz on the suit, but not careful enough. Now I have woman's hands and a suit permanently attached to them. FML.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fucking with Me

My wife wanted to fuck me. But she also wanted to fuck a woman. And now she had the means to do both at the same time.

She found this medallion that allowed her to change our bodies when we touched it to clothes and ourselves. And the longer you touched the medallion, the more you would change.

Anyways, she wanted to fuck me, but she didn't want to be a man. I myself was not opposed to be being a woman. So my wife, Cordi, took the medallion and a pair of my underwear and grew my dick. Then she threw the medallion and a pair of panties at me. I caught them both and began to change immediately.

My dick was gone before I knew it, and the changes spread from there. My ass filled out and my legs became much more smooth. I could feel my insides rearrange and my waist pull in. Breasts ballooned out of my chest and and my shoulders narrowed. As I lost muscle mass in my arms and hand, my neck and became smaller and my face contorted to someone else's features entirely. Blonde hair exploded from my scalp. I had become another woman.

My wife wasted no time in attacking me. She didn't even let me take off my clothes. She pulled away my underwear and proceeded to thrust her new hard dick into my new wet pussy. I was filled to the brim, I could barely think as Cordi pumped in and out of me. I screamed in my new soprano, and my wife grunted with each thrust. Neither of us wasted any time in coming to an explosive orgasm.

I'm not quite sure what just happened. But fuck if I didn't like it. My wife and I are going to have some fun times ahead, because I'm definitely not giving back this body until I've explored all its orgasmic capabilities.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Name is Gladiator

"How dare you show your back to me!" Commodus exclaimed, pushing his nephew to the side. "Slave! You will remove your helmet and tell me your name."

The gladiator sighed, removed his helmet, and turned around, looking Commodus directly in the eyes.

"My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius.
Commander of the Armies to the North. General of the Felix Legions.
Loyal servant to the true Emperor, Marcus Aurelius.
Father to a murdered son. Husband to a murdered wife.
And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next."

The Emperor was astounded. His men had told him that the general was dead. He was supposed to be dead. He whispered to his aide and at his word, the soldiers surrounding them lifted their spears in preparation from battle.

But something happened that Commodus did not expect: the crowd wanted Maximus to survive. And because of his efforts to gain the favor of the mob, Commodus could not kill the general in front of everyone, not when Maximus was so popular. So he let the gladiator live, and let him walk away. All the while, the crowd roared and cheered his name "Maximus! Maximus! Maximus!"

But this was not the end. Ideas were already brewing in the Emperor's head.
After many battles, betrayals, and attempted escapes, Maximus and Commodus were once again facing each other. Maximus was tied up, wearing nothing but torn rags. Commodus walked in wearing armor of the purest white. He walked straight up to his sworn enemy, but stopped an looked up. He was listening to the crowds cheer in the Colosseum above them.

"Maximus. Maximus. Maximus." Commodus whispered. "The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an emperor. Striking story! But now, the people want to know how the story ends. Only a famous death will do. And what could be more glorious than to challenge the Emperor himself in the great arena?"

Maximus looked at him. "You would fight me?"

"Why not?" The Emperor was instantly angry. "Do you think I am afraid?"

"I think you have been afraid all your life."

"Unlike the great general. Who knows no fear?"

Maximus smiled slightly. "I knew a man once who said, 'Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.'"

Commodus smiled back, mockingly. "I wonder, did you friend smile at his own death?

Maximus no longer smiled, but looked Commodus squarely in the eye. "You must know, he was your father."

This struck Commodus hard. "You loved my father, I know. But so did I. That makes us brothers, doesn't it?" The Emperor embraced the gladiator, bringing out a knife with a small amount of blood on it. He stabbed Maximus in the back with it. "Smile for me now brother."

Commodus ordered his men to cover Maximus' wound with his armor. Maximus felt weak, but he also felt strange. He was led to a platform, where he and Commodus were raised up to the level of the Colosseum floor. Thousands of fans were cheering at his presence and at the prospect of seeing him fight the Emperor himself.

But Maximus could barely stand, let alone fight. His whole body was on fire. And he definitely felt as if his body was betraying his senses. But he had to fight, to exact revenge upon the man responsible for killing his wife and son. Maximus took his sword and prepared to fight.

He could feel his body change throughout the swordfight, and with each blow, Commodus only laughed. And even despite these changes and stab wound, he still managed to keep the upper hand on Commodus. Soon, the man was left defenseless, but still he laughed at Maximus.

"Look at you, Maximus!" he laughed. "You have no chance as you are."

Maximus looked down to find that his whole body had changed. He had been so focused on killing the Emperor, he had ignored his wounds and the signals his body was sending him. He had the body of a woman. His breasts were protruding from his armor, his hair had grown long and black. His skins was soft and his arms were thin. Thinking back, he knew the blood on the knife that stabbed him was sorcery. Commodus had taken the coward's way out to ensure his own victory.

As Maximus was distracted, Commodus pulled a small knife from a secret place within his sleeve and attempted to surprise the woman. But Maximus dodged, and managed to grab Commodus' knife arm, and keep him locked there. Slowly, Maximus bent the Emperor's elbow so that the knife was facing his throat. And with his last ounce of strength, forced Commodus' own knife into his neck.

Commodus looked up in surprise, and Maximus let him fall to the ground.

Maximus then fell to the ground himself, his new body finally giving out.
Maximus survived the fight, but would never again be able to return to his life as a man, a general. Nor could he return to his life of freedom. In her new body, Maximus did the only thing she knew how: fight. Fight as a gladiator within the Colosseum. She fought well, earning a reputation even among the most skilled swordsman. And whenever anybody asked her name, she merely said,

"My name is Gladiator."

Boxer Thief

I finally caught him. My roommate, Greg, has the bad habit of not doing his laundry, but doesn't like to wear dirty underwear. I don't blame him, but if he just did his laundry he wouldn't have that problem. What I do blame him for is stealing my underwear.

He denies it every time I yell at him, and it's gotten to the point where I have to do his laundry for him just so he won't steal my clean boxers.

Well, I finally caught him in the act. And it was all thanks to that weird old guy in that small shop in the mall. He gave me this pair of black panties and told me to put them in my underwear drawer.

"The next person who sees them won't be able to resist putting them on," he said with a chuckle. "So be sure it's him who opens the drawer next."

I was still pretty skeptical that Greg would put the panties on, but the old man sweetened the deal by saying they were only a buck fifty. I couldn't resist that deal, even if I only got a laugh out of seeing Greg's face when he sees them in my drawer.

I put the panties in my underwear drawer and closed the drawer. I was almost tempted to open it myself just to see what would happen, but I heeded the old man's warning. I went downstairs to watch some television, and I kept my video camera with me just in case.

Greg came home not to long afterward and immediately went upstairs to take a shower. I waited until he went into our room, went upstairs, and stood outside, waiting to hear...well, something.

At what I thought was the right time, I swung my door open, video camera up, ready to humiliate Greg. He was just in the process of putting the panties on, the rest of him buck naked.

I laughed as I hit the record button, but Greg didn't even look up. As soon as the panties were in place, he began to change. It looked as if liquid was spreading out from the panties all along Greg's pale skin. Upon closer inspection, it was actually the effect of Greg's skin becoming tanner and smoother. Once his entire body was tan, the rest of the changes happened all at once.

His ass, breasts, and hair exploded outward from his body, as if they were being forced out. I was too distracted by those to notice that at the same time, the rest of his body had changed as well. Greg no longer stood before me, but a goddess.

Greg hadn't moved the entire time, not a muscle. But as soon as the last change took place, he looked over in my direction and smiled.

"Hello, lover," she said seductively. "I missed you in the shower. How about you put that video camera down and come make up for that."

I complied.

It wasn't the solution I was expecting. I don't even know if you would call this a solution, since my new roommate still wears my underwear. But I don't complain; she can wear whatever she wants.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Body and Soulmates: Chapter 4

“Yes. I’m ready.”

“Okay, but first… Your nipples are twice as sensitive.”

“What? Oooh, you bad…”

“You feel me give you a deep passionate kiss. You feel my lips pressed against yours, with my hand against the back of your head, pulling you towards me. You feel my bare chest against your breasts and the bulge of my crotch pressed against yours. You feel as we passionately make out. You feel as we stop for me to take off your shirt and bra, but begin to make out again, even more violently, your bare chest against mine. You feel me break the kiss and begin to kiss and bite your neck, moving up and down towards your shoulder. You feel as I continue to kiss down your chest towards your breasts.”

Andrew could hear Stephanie’s breathing become more labored, and then nothing at all. She must have dropped the phone.

On the other end, Steph could still feel Andrew kiss her breast, but became aware that he wasn’t moving from there, and that she could no longer hear him. She opened her eyes and realized Andrew really wasn’t there, but she could still feel him kissing her chest. She leaned over and picked up her dropped phone. All she said was, “I’m putting you on speaker.”

Andrew started right back up. “You feel me move down towards your right nipple, kissing more softly as I get there. You feel me move my left hand towards your left breast, massaging it as I kiss your right nipple, moving my tongue along it. You feel my mouth suck on your nipple, my tongue playing with the tip of your nipple,” Andrew paused. “Your breasts grow in size, but are no less sensitive.”

“Oh my god,” Andrew could hear Steph whisper.

“You feel that your pants and underwear are already off, and so are mine. You feel me move from your right nipple to your left as I move my right hand down along your stomach towards your crotch. You feel as I move two fingers along the lips of your vagina. You feel my fingers push inside your vagina, just part way. You feel them move up towards your clit, where you feel my fingers massage your clit. You still feel my lips and tongue on your left breast, licking and massaging your nipple.”

“Oh my god. Please enter me,” Steph’s breathing was very heavy, letting out a groan and a whimper with increasing frequency. “No more, no more. Do it, put your dick inside me.”

“You feel me remove my lips from your nipples and my hand from your vagina. You feel as I move to position my dick at the entrance to your vagina. You feel as I rub the head of my penis on your clit. You feel me slowly enter your vagina, inches at a time. You feel me suddenly push my dick deep within you vagina, all the way to the hilt.”

Stephanie let out a small shriek. Her breathing was becoming much faster paced.

“You feel my dick moving up and down within your vagina. You feel me laying on top of you, your breasts against my chest. You feel me kiss your neck as I continue to pump my dick in and out of your wet pussy.”

“Oh my god, Andrew. You’re dick is so big. Fuck me, Andrew. Faster, harder. Oh!” Steph nearly screamed it. But Andrew was focused on the fact that his dick was indeed larger now. Much larger. This gave him an idea.

“You feel my dick grow in thickness inside you.” Steph’s gasps and screams growing in intensity. “You feel me fuck you harder and harder, faster and faster. You feel my dick inside you, every ridge and vein, pumping within you. You feel…”

But at that moment, Andrew heard Steph scream in glorious orgasm. “You feel me orgasm inside you, pushing up against your crotch with great force.” Steph’s breathing was becoming less labored and more even as she came down from her orgasmic high. “You feel my dick remove itself from your vagina.”

“Oh my god, Andrew. That was amazing. I can’t believe you weren’t actually here.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Wow. Just give me a minute to come down from that. Oh my god, I’m still wearing clothes! That was so cool.”

“You know you made my dick bigger while we were doing that?”

Steph laughed, “I did? I’m sorry. Do you want me to bring it back down?

“No no. That’s okay. I’ll keep it for now,” Andrew joked. “You know, listening to you, I’m really horny again. You think you could…”

“Again? I suppose I could whip up something… You feel…”

Status Update: Return

I have returned. Hope all was well while I was away. I'm starting the week off with a trip to the Dollhouse, one of my new favorite shows on FOX. Hope you enjoy it. And maybe it will inspire you to go watch it and boost its ratings so it can come back for a second season.

In other news, I'm also posting a new chapter to Body and Soulmates. No TG yet, but don't worry, it's definitely coming.


-Whatever turns you on.

Things they do look awful cold.
I hope I die before I get old.
My Generation - The Who

Dollhouse: Replacement

Juan Diego, FBI had been investigating the Dollhouse for over a year now. It all started when he started looking into the missing persons report for one Elizabeth Allen. She had gone missing three years ago, and his only clue to go on was the word "Dollhouse."

Through extensive investigation, Juan was not able to find much. But he did find out that the Dollhouse was a super secret, super advanced brainwashing organization. They wiped people's memories so they could imprint new ones on them and send them out to fulfill the buyer's perverted fantasies.

Juan had tried time and time again to discover the location of the Dollhouse, and to find Elizabeth, but they were always three steps ahead of him. His search had even cost him his job.

But one day, Elizabeth came knocking at his door. And then she knocked him out.

Juan woke up tied to a reclined chair. A tall woman with auburn hair stood over him. A bright light was shining from somewhere, but Juan couldn't see where.

"Hello, Juan. Welcome to the Dollhouse."

Juan's eyes opened wide with shock. He had made it, but at what cost? "Where is Elizabeth Allen?"

"Do you mean Luna? Her contract expired two hours ago. Her last assignment was to bring you in," the lady smiled. She had wonderful teeth, and a heavy English accent. "She is once again a free woman, allowed to live her life as if nothing had ever happened. A substantially richer life, I might add."

"Her contract? She didn't sign up to have her memory wiped every day."

"Why of course not. We recruited her. But she did sign her life to us for the last three years."

"You brainwashed her."

"In a way, yes we did. But she helped fulfill the dreams of many many people. I dare say, she has become very popular during that time. And that, of course, brings us to why you are here."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I did not bring you here just so I could spill all my company's secrets to a sorry excuse for an FBI agent," she stopped and smiled. There was no menace there. "I mean, that you are to become Luna's replacement."


"Well, we can't have you going back and telling all our secrets. And we certainly don't want to kill you. No, you're much more useful to us this way."

"You're going to make me a doll?"

"Not just any doll: Luna."

Juan couldn't speak. He knew their technology was advanced...but this?

"We have the technology to remove a person's memories and replace them as we see fit. It's not too much a stretch of the imagination that we have that technology as well."

"You'll never get away with this. I'll stop you!"

She laughed, "Oh my dear boy. You can't stop me, it's already happened."


"We've injected you with the proper nanotechnology that will turn your body into an exact duplicate of Luna's," she explained. She showed him the remote in her hands. "All I have to do is press this button."

And she pressed it. Juan's body immediately exploded into many fast paced changes. He could feel each and every muscle and hair morph around him. His hair sprung out around his head, his skin complexion lightened and smoothened. The stubble on his face was gone, and so was his leg hair. His shoulders and waist pulled in, and his ass pushed out. He could feel breasts forcing themselves out of his chest and his arms lose their muscle mass.

Juan tried to yell as he writhed under the straps, but all that came out was a little squeak as his voice cracked. His dick had shrunk and pulled inside of him. He had changed into a woman. But he didn't have time to admire the changes to his body.

"I hope you enjoy your new body, Juan. But you won't for long. Now it is time to take away your memories," the strange woman walked away from him. "Goodbye."

"No!" Juan yelled out in a voice that was much too high. "You can't leave me like this!"

He saw her press another button on her remote as she walked out of the room, and darkness closed in around him.

"Hello, Luna."

"Did I fall asleep?" Luna's voice was innocent and beautiful, like a child's. Her mind had no memories, wiped clean except for the few bare essentials.

"For a little while."

"Shall I go now?" Soon she would be given a new set of memories to complete her first assignment.

"If you'd like."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Status Update VI

No updates for a bit, folks. My long-time long distance girlfriend is coming up for the weekend. And...seeing as how she doesn't know I have these little fantasies, I won't be able to write any new posts until after the weekend.

Until then, keep it real. I'll be enjoying some intense heterosexual non-TG-related coital. See you on the flip side.


-Whatever turns you on.

And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house!
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful wife!
Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads

What the Hell is Going On?

This just didn't make any sense!

I don't remember anything before last night. Nothing to explain why I'm someone else's house. Nothing to explain why I was alone in said house. And definitely nothing to explain why I now had breasts and a pussy!

Why can't I remember anything? This shouldn't even be possible! There's no way I can be a woman. There's just no fucking way.

This has to be a dream. Ow! Fuck. No, pinching myself didn't wake me up. Think, dammit, think! Who was I with last night, where did I go?

Wait, how do I know it's only been one night? Maybe they drugged me and kept me sedated while they put me through surgery to make me a woman. I could have been out of it for months!

Or maybe this is all in my mind. Maybe I just secretly wanted to be a woman and didn't know it and now my mind is forcing my ideal world to the forefront.

Or maybe I was sucked into an alternate reality where I'm a wo...

"Did you have to shoot her with a tranquilizer dart?"

"No, but she was starting to annoy me."

"Great. That's real professional."

"You would have done it if you had the gun."

"Whatever, looks like the mind changes haven't taken affect yet."

"Yeah, well let's take her back up to her room and let her sleep it off. Maybe when she wakes up she won't be so damn yappity."

"A pleasure to work with you, as always."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Body and Soulmates: Chapter 3

“It’s kinda ironic, don’t you think?” Andrew asked Steph the next day on the phone. They had spent the majority of the night changing each other back and forth, but finally went to bed when they both agreed that they needed to go to school in the morning.

“How’s that?”

“If you’re soul mates, that means you’re supposed to love each other as they are. And we’ve been given the power to change each other however we want.”

“Perhaps only by becoming soul mates can we be trusted to trust each other with such complete control of each other’s bodies. With any other person I’d be scared to give such personal access to my body, but I know I can trust you with this power. Just like I know you can trust me.”

“Of course I can.”

“So. Do you wanna try something different tonight?” Steph had that tone that suggested she already had something in mind.

“Sure. How different?”

“Well, I thought that we’d have phone sex. But with the added benefit of that little gift we have.”

”You mean the one that makes your breasts bigger?” Andrew laughed. But he could hear her gasp a little. “Whoops. Accident.”

“No, it’s okay,” she breathed. “But you should sit down. I’ve been thinking about this since our conversation last night, and I’m so horny I could burst. Okay. Close your eyes. Now, you feel me kissing you on the lips, a deep passionate kiss with just a little bit of tongue. You feel me take off your shirt and give you little kisses down your neck, down your chest and your stomach, until I reach your pants. You feel me take off your pants and lower your boxers. You feel me wrap my mouth around your dick, and you feel as I slowly lick the sides of your penis, focusing a lot on the tip. I kiss it and lick it and use my hand to pump your shaft while my lips and tongue work your tip. You feel as I take the your penis in my mouth, and bob up and down on it. You feel me go faster and faster until…”

But Andrew was too far-gone. Andrew hadn’t taken off any of his clothes, but he felt as if he was naked, getting the greatest blowjob ever from his girlfriend. He didn’t open his eyes, and did his best to keep the phone up to his ear. Soon enough he climaxed, and Steph could hear his grunts and pants on her side of the phone. It turned her on to have this kind of control. And she was proud of herself that she could make him cum without ever touching him.

Still panting, Andrew brought the phone back up to his ear. “That…was amazing.”

“I’m glad,” Steph replied. “Aren’t you proud of me?”

“Very. We should do that again.”

“I can always make you ready to go again… but I think you should do me first.”

“I can do that. Ready?”

Lesbian Vampires

Sam had unwittingly walked right into the vampires' trap, and now he was strung up in the middle of their lair. There were four of them, all women. Rather hot women too, but Sam wasn't really in a position to do much with that. The tallest of them stepped forward.

"Hello, love. My name's Darla," she purred with a slight English accent. "What's yours?"

"Go to hell."

"Oh... well that's not very polite," she said as the other vampires snickered behind her.

"Screw polite," Sam growled. "You killed my brother."

"Killed? Now my dear boy, I don't kill human men," Darla turned and held out her hand to the others. The smallest of the group stepped forward and took her hand. She was small, with short brown hair and mousy features. They embraced each other in a passionate kiss. Darla turned and looked Sam directly in the eyes. "I turn them."

"You don't mean..."

"So disgusting men are. Especially you human ones."

"You bitch! Where is he? Show me my brother!"

"Why my dear boy, you're looking at her."

Sam looked at the unfamiliar female vampire still within Darla's embrace, and the realization hit him.


"Hello, little brother," the woman smiled menacingly and mockingly. "Do you like what they've done with me?"

"This can't be..."

"Believe it," Darla interrupted. The female vampire who used to be Wesley stepped back to join the rest of her group. "And now your fate will be the same as hers."

Before Sam could protest, Darla was on him, her teeth embedded in his neck. The pain was excruciating. He tried to push her off, but his strength was rapidly being drained with his blood. All he could do was hang there as Darla sucked him dry. But then she stopped. Sam, still hanging by his hands, had no energy even to lift his head.

Darla took a knife and cut a small hole in the side of her neck. The blood dripped slowly down her shoulder. "Now drink," she ordered. Sam tried to resist, but he didn't have the energy. He could feel his last vestiges of life leave him. Darla moved her bleeding neck up to his mouth. A drop of her blood touched his lips, and he could feel the life in it. Even with such a small drop, he could feel his energy returning. He drank hungrily, as if this was his first meal in weeks. He sucked and sucked, welcoming the warm blood into his body.

He could feel the changes as he drank. The new blood coursing through his body was changing it. He could feel his face change, his features becoming softer and his hair becoming longer. The changes moved down his body, where his neck thinned and his grunts from drinking became more high pitched. His shoulders and arms were much thinner, and he could feel his nipples puff out and balloon into very large breasts. His waist pulled in and his hips flared out. As his legs became longer and smoother, a void was formed where his manhood used to exist.

As the last change occurred, Darla pulled her neck away and ordered the others to let the new vampire down. Darla went and stood in front of her, "now, isn't this so much better?"

"So much better, Darla," she whispered. "Thank you."

Darla smiled as she pulled her new minion closer. "Of course, darling. Now, what shall we call you?"
*Pictures taken from movie stills of Lesbian Vampire Killers*

Monday, April 20, 2009


"Look what you did to me!"

"Oh believe me, I'm looking."

"Wow, I'm so beautiful. The spell even changed my clothes?"

"Yeah, and it affects your mind as well."

"What? How? When?"

"Whenever I want. Your mind is very suggestible now. Why don't you take off your clothes to get a better look at yourself?"

As Austin took off his shorts, "no I don't think I will, Brian. Just change me back before I do something I regret."

"Like what, Austin? Like how you want to suck my cock. Like how you want my cock to fill you up. Like how being a man wasn't very much fun and now you want to stay a woman forever."

"What? No..." Austin's mind was reeling. He couldn't keep track of which thoughts were his and which were being put into his head.

Brian kept going, "Why don't you come sit next to me. You want to touch my cock don't you? You want to suck it, don't you? You want to put your mouth around it and suck it. You want to taste my cum."

"Please no," Austin whispered as he leaned in towards his former best friend's dick.

"You love sucking cock. You want nothing more than to please me sexually. You're turned on by my dick and the thought of being fucked by it. You never want to be a man again. You love being a woman. And your new name is Audrey. You love that, don't you Audrey?"

"Mmhmm," was all Audrey could say as she worked hard on Brian's dick. She loved sucking her master's cock, and as the last vestiges of Austin receded to the back of her mind, she was so thankful that she got to be the one to suck it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Body and Soulmates : Chapter 2

“Dear Stephanie,
If you are reading this, it means that I am no longer around to tell you this in person. And for that I am sorry. I do not know what the future holds, and I hope you will never find the need to read this letter.

You have a gift, my daughter, a beautiful and magical gift that is bestowed upon every woman in our family when they turn 21. I have it, just as your grandmother did before me. We don’t know why our family line has this wonderful trait flowing through our blood, but we do not question it.

As you will discover, when you find your soul mate, you and he (or she, if you decide to follow the example of your great-aunt Rose) will be able to alter each other’s bodies. By speaking the thing you wish to change out loud, it will be so on him. You need not be in his presence, but he does need to hear it. We have discovered over the years that changes can occur even over a phone call. You cannot affect his mind, not that you would want to, but you can affect how his body feels or what it is feeling.

I love you, my darling. And I wish you the every happiness with your future soul mate that I experience with your father every day.


“Wow,” was all Andrew could say. “We’re soul mates then?”

“Of course. We can change each other. Why wouldn’t we be?”

“No reason, it’s just kinda nice to take the mystery away,” Andrew said. He felt relieved; he knew he should be with Steph, beyond a doubt. He looked into Steph’s eyes, and she looked back, smiling with a small tear rolling down her cheek. “I love you, Steph.”

“I love you, too,” after a minute, she spoke up again. “Do you think we should try some more changes?”

“Might as well. What did your mom mean by ‘how his body feels or what it is feeling?’”

“I don’t know, but we should try something simple. How about…you feel cold.”

Suddenly, it felt like Andrew was standing naked outside in the cold. He started shivering. “Okay, it works. Please c-c-change it back.”

She did. Andrew again felt comfortable in the warmth of his apartment. “My turn. I say… that you feel like I’m holding your hand.”

“Oh wow! Andrew, I can feel you as if you were right here. But there’s no hand there. I can’t touch it with my other hand, only with the hand you’re already holding. This is so amazing. Do you realize what we could do with something like this?

Status Update V

After much scouring of the internets, I've decided not to include pictures with my new multi-chaptered story "Body and Soulmates."

I've come to the conclusion that no picture I use would be consistent enough with the tone I am trying to create. I want this to be an intimate story between young lovers strained by long distance who have been blessed with a gift that will bring them closer together, despite the physical distance between them. And any picture that I used would only cheapen the story as a whole. I may or may not throw in some other unrelated caps along the way to make up for the lack of pictures.


-Whatever turns you on.

And as we wind on down the road,
Our shadows taller than our soul,
There walks a lady we all know,
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

Body and Soulmates : Chapter 1

Andrew and Steph had been going out for almost five years now. Since their sophomore year in high school, they've been nothing but close. They stayed together for college, even though she went to UC: San Diego and he went to UC: Berkeley. People always asked them how they made it work, but it was really quite easy for them, since they loved each other.

It was also made easier by the fact that they didn't see each other as often as couples who lived together. It was hard not to see each other for extended periods of time, but those weekends when they were together were made all the more intimate and special by it.

But now, at the end of their junior year, they were both feeling lonely. They loved seeing each other, and loved being with each other, but it seemed like there would be no end to the long distance aspect of their relationship. It didn't help that everything in the media was telling them that serious relationships at a young age were dangerous.

Andrew didn't like talking about marriage, and Steph didn't push it on him. They both knew that they had another year of college and undetermined graduate plans after that. Kids and marriage wouldn't enter the picture until much, much later. He didn’t even know if he wanted to go that far with her. They got along so well, but what if there was another, closer girl that he got along with better?

They weren't together on Steph's 21st birthday. They knew they wouldn't be, but Andrew set aside a lot of time to talk to her on the phone. When he picked up, she seemed way more excited than usual.

"Andrew! Something way weird happened today! But it's also exciting, in a weird way. Do you know what I mean? I don't even know what I mean. I mean, this is so cool, but it freaks me out. And I haven't told anyone yet, but..."

"Steph!" Andrew had to stop her; she would have gone on forever. "What is it?"

"We can change each other!"

Andrew paused, he knew that Steph didn’t like having smallish boobs, but he didn’t know she was taking an active interest in fixing that. “Oh? Um, how?”

“I don’t know! But I think you can change my body any way you want to. And I can change yours! You see, I just got a letter from my mom!”

“But your mom…”

“Is dead, I know. But my aunt just came by and gave me the letter from my mom. She said her mom told her to give it to me on my 21st birthday. It told me what we can do.”

“Which is?” Andrew was having a hard time believing they could change each other’s bodies. But on the other hand, he hadn’t heard be so excited before.

“Well, if we are talking to each other, or looking at each other, we can change stuff. But we have to say it out loud. Here, let me show you,” she paused to think. “I know, you have huge biceps!”

All of a sudden, Andrew’s arms swelled in size. He couldn’t believe how big his biceps were, and in less than a minute. Andrew was speechless.

Steph was ecstatic. “Oh my god! It worked! It worked it worked it worked! I wasn’t sure it would work, and it did! Do something to me! Come on, do it!”

Andrew was still in a semi-state of shock, but his mind could still think of something dirty. “Your boobs are bigger!”

On his screen, he could see Steph’s breasts swell up under her shirt. Steph had had smallish breasts, but now they were at least twice their regular size. Luckily for Steph, her outfit didn’t require a bra.

“Wow,” he said. “”

Steph laughed, “I didn’t know you were a boob man.”

“I didn’t know I had the option,” Andrew laughed back.

“Isn’t this amazing?”

“It’s incredible! But how is this even possible?”

Status Update IV

I may have taken a couple liberties with dates and magic and such with my last story, but it was fun to write.

But it is true that men cross-dressed in Gold Rush California. Something new I learned this week. Whether or not Levi Strauss was a wizard is still up for debate.


-Whatever turns you on.

It's much too early but it's time to go.
I love you more than you'll ever know,
Than you'll ever know.
January Heart - Carina Round

Levi's Jeans

Jeans were an important part of the Gold Rush culture. Levi Strauss moved to San Francisco in 1853 to open a Western branch of his brother's New York dry goods store. His company would come to be known as Levi Strauss & Co., with their most marketable product: Levi's Jeans. Soon he was selling denim overalls and pants to the gold-hungry 49ers.

But during his time, San Francisco was not a gender-balanced place. The men there had crossed countless miles of dangerous terrain in the small hope of striking it rich and bringing safety through money back to their wives and family.

And because of this, there were not many women in the area. Many men resorted to cross-dressing during parties, where it was socially acceptable for men to dance with other cross-dressed men.

Little known to most of the world, Levi Strauss, best known for the Levi's brand, was also a wizard. He saw that the men needed real women to help offset the daily failures of empty sacks. To help, he created a pair of jeans unlike any other. Any man who wore them would turn into a woman, and an extremely attractive one at that. The jeans also changed the man's mind to match his new body.

Levi only made one pair of his magical Levi's jeans. They slowly made their way around San Francisco, turning unknowing men into attractive female versions of themselves. Levi kept track of the pants as their effects were easily apparent to him.

One day, however, Levi realized that he hadn't seen any new changes in quite some time. But this did not worry him anymore. The increase in new workers and discovered gold had created a booming center of commerce in San Francisco. And with a new city, came security, so men were more willing to take their wives along for the ride. Levi's jeans were no longer needed.


A hundred sixty years later, Lee found them, but he didn't know it at the time. His grandmother had passed away, and it was his family's job to go through her things. They spent days going through her house, deciding what to toss, what to sell, what to keep. Lee was given the attic. That's where he found them, of course. They looked to be his size, a little beat up and torn, but good. Lee threw them in the "keep" pile.

After logging many hours there, his grandmother's house was packed up. They took our boxes home and collapsed. It was supposed to be part of the grieving process, but it was more work than anything. Lee hadn't even known her that well. Oh well, it was done.

Lee went up to my room with his one box of her stuff that went to him. He took out the jeans, dusted them off, and tried them on to make sure they fit.

The jeans fit really well, but as soon as the button was fastened, the jeans seemed to shrink on him. It was quite sudden, but they kept shrinking, even when his balls were being squished under their power. He fumbled with the button, to try and get them off, but nothing would budge. The jeans just wouldn't come off. The jeans kept shrinking, and Lee along with them. He could feel his legs change, and his penis get pressed up against his groin. Lee's ass didn't shrink after a certain point, however. It even seemed to get bigger. It was pretty apparent what was about to happen: he was going to turn into a girl.

Lee was seeing everything in slow motion, like those few nanoseconds before you get into a car crash. He could see the changes move up his body as his waist thinned and his abs flattened. Moving up, he could feel his chest balloon and push away from his body. Two enormous breasts were growing there. From there, Lee's arms, hands, and shoulders thinned and lost muscle mass. His voice grew in pitch when the changes reached his neck and his face distorted itself to match his new body. Hair cascaded down his back.

Lee looked in the mirror, seeing his new body with disbelief. But then the final change hit him, the one that would change his mind. It made him dizzy, but when his head cleared, there was no longer a Lee.

Instead, Lilah stood there, admiring her body in the mirror. She went and picked out a shirt to go with her form-hugging jeans. Lilah was ready to go out and please the men around her.

All thanks, to Levi's magical pair of jeans.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Status Update III

Yeah, that last one was definitely just an excuse to use my favorite picture. A good use for it, I think.

And I had way too much fun thinking of different ways to misuse a bodysuit. Bodysuits have always been my favorite storylines, and you can definitely expect to see more of them in the future.


-Whatever turns you on.

All I ever wanted, all I ever needed,
Is here in my arms.
Words are very unnecessary.
They can only do harm.
Enjoy the Silence - Lacuna Coil

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bodysuit Experiments

I found the bodysuit in my attic. It was pretty strange considering it felt like skin, but that was it. It was just skin. After examining it, I stuck my hand inside the hand of the suit. Even the inside felt the like skin, it was so smooth. The suit was definitely of a woman.

As soon as my fingers touched the inside tips of the suit's fingers, like putting on a glove, it felt different. It felt as if I wasn't even wearing the suit. I touched the hand to the table next to me, and I could feel it as if it was my own skin!

I peeled back the suit to reveal my own hand once again. Instead of being freaked out, I was intrigued. I wanted to know how far I could take this. So I experimented different parts of my body. The back of the suit was open, a part from the ass to neck. I stuck a foot in and found it to be my own. It was so cool to have a woman's foot just sitting there, attached to my very male body!

I tried all sorts of things, like putting my head inside the head covering. If I moved lowered the neck, I could feel the changes take place. I sung an even tone and listened as my voice rose in pitch every time I lowered the neck of the suit. I took my head out, and stuck my chest against the inside of the suit's. I had breasts! And such magnificent breasts they were.

I didn't try putting on the whole suit yet. I still had other, slightly less conventional ideas. I put my left hand in the suit's right hand. All of sudden, I had to right hands! It was so weird, I could even write with the suit's hand. I put my hand inside one of the legs all the way down to a foot. I really didn't think this would work, but there it was, a foot and very nice leg growing out of my shoulder. I put the chest of my suit on my back, and felt as breasts formed there on my back. From that idea, I put the legs of the suit on backwards and pulled the suit up to my waist. Not only did I have a vagina, but my ass was on my front, with my feet sticking out behind me! I stuck both my legs into one. I lay there on the floor looking as my waist continued into one fine looking leg.

I was having way too much fun with this. But I didn't care. And why stop there? A whole flood of kinky ideas were bombarding my head. But I thought it time to go that step I had been putting off. I put the suit on correctly, one foot at a time, left hand, then the right. Each time, I could feel the suits skin replace mine. My ass was perfectly formed, my abs were toned, my breasts were magnificent.

I closed the back of the suit up to the neck, took a deep breath, and pulled the face over mine. I felt as the tabs connected, and the suit sealed up around me. And then it wasn't a suit. It was my skin. It was me. And I was beautiful. Boy, was I going to have fun with this body.


Randall and Mark were twin brothers who decided to backpack through Europe together. They hit all the high points, crashed on floors, and stayed in hostels. But one hostel proved to be quite different from the others. It was in Amsterdam, a hostel that seemed too good to be true. Cheap prices, cheap meals, great parties, and naked women everywhere. The only catch was that the lady who owned the place said guests were only allowed to stay one night.

Randall and Mark could barely contain themselves. They stayed for a day and a night, but didn't want to leave the next day. They had each gotten massive amounts of head, sex, ass, everything. How could they leave a place like this?

So they formed a plan. They would leave as instructed, but would sneak back in that night. They both snuck in with no problem, and the girls there were again very excited to see them. All the girls surrounded Mark and Randall, enveloping them in folds of smooth skin and soft breasts. They went to sleep that night deep within those folds.

Daisy and Mary are still at the hostel, working there and pleasing the guests who come and go. They couldn't be happier in the presence of other beautiful women like themselves. And the sex was just magical.

Other guests tried to stay just as they had, and those guests became permanent residents, just like the twins once named Mark and Randall.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Status Update II

I'm in a mood, in case you couldn't tell. I need to see someone I know so we can talk or something. This whole acquaintance thing isn't very much fun. I'm just glad I have this outlet to vent/be creative.


-Whatever turns you on.

So now you're gone.
And I was wrong.
I never knew what it was like,
To be alone
On a Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day - Linkin Park


I lived alone. I ate alone. I worked alone. I spent my nights watching movies at home, never attempting to venture out and meet people or try and fill the lonely hole in my heart. I could talk to people, I could just never force myself to go those few extra steps and get to know someone beyond the mundane.

But then I found the medallion. And I changed my body to match someone who might be more outgoing. I thought that maybe with a change of perspective, I could be more brave and get to know people a little bit more.

It was a bigger change than I had imagined, becoming a woman. I was beautiful, and I felt slightly more confident with that knowledge. I forced myself to go out and complete my daily routine as a completely different person, and just for that accomplishment I felt better about myself.

I even talked with this nice guy in one of my classes. We seemed to get along just fine, I even invited him back to my apartment to continue our conversation.

He didn't force himself on me, but I didn't make a move to stop him. Despite the strangeness of the experience, I enjoyed the intimacy with him. It was nice to be close to somebody for once, to feel something.

He wasn't there when I woke up in the morning. Only the stain showed that anyone besides myself had ever been there. I walked downstairs to see if he was really gone. A step above the bottom, I sat down.

It doesn't matter who I am. Nothing changes. I am alone.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bodysuit Fun

The very latest in bodysuit technology: Bodysuit Inc.'s new body model RL240X. Not only did it turn a man into a fully functional female, but it was the special sex edition (thus the addition of the 'X' on the end of the name), which allowed someone to take it off, even if it got semen on it. No getting stuck as a woman forever for me, Mark thought as he opened the box. He had paid top dollar for this bit of technology. And in waiting for the package to arrive, Mark had memorized all its specs.

The model Mark had chosen was just to his specifications. In fact, after he had registered his purchase, Bodysuit Inc. had contacted him personally to ask him if it one of their defaults. He had agreed of course. Why deny others the chance to have such a perfect body?

He tried it on immediately. The skin felt strange against his own. It was tight, and it pressed against his groin and waist, but loose around his ass and chest. But he expected that. He fit his arms and fingers into those of the suit. The head of the suit hung down on his chest, and Mark felt slightly ridiculous looking like a man in a latex woman suit. But he zipped up his back and pulled the head over his. There were two tabs, one on the neck and the other on the back. As soon as they met, the suit was pulled in and pushed out all at once. It pressed against his face enough so he had to close his eyes.

All of a sudden the pressure subsided, and he was no longer wearing the skin. No, it was his skin. Mark was a she. But he didn't get long to admire his new body before both his roommates came walking into his room.

"Who are you?" his roommate Rob asked.

"Um, Mary. I'm Mark's...cousin." Mary suddenly became very conscious of how naked she was, and of the tents in each of their pants.

"Where's he?"

"Um, he went out for a bit." Mary stopped, thinking that this was the perfect opportunity to test out his new suit. It was the X model for a reason. He could feel his nipples tighten and his pussy moisten. It was ready to be filled.

"I was just getting more comfortable," Mary smiled seductively. "How about you boys do the same and then come join me in the bedroom?"

She sauntered back into Mark's room, taking pains to swing her ass just a little bit more with each step. She stopped at the doorway and turned slightly. "I'll be waiting."