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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Expanding Horizon

It was a long day for Cedric, and now he just wanted to relax. And what better way to let off some steam than to get his rocks off at his laptop? No one else was home tonight, which was good because he had had problems in the past with roommates busting in at inopportune times.

As Cedric sat down, he thought it might be a good time to expand his sexual horizons. Normally he kept to a very small genre of porn, only white women with bleach blonde hair. So in his search for something new (which isn't very hard, considering the plethora of property out there), he came across something new and strange website that he had never seen before.

It had a dark and mysterious tone about it, but Cedric wasn't dissuaded. He browsed through some of the pictures, liking what he was seeing. Aside from the pictures, there was only one video featured. He did not hesitate.

She popped up immediately. A gorgeous girl with bleached blonde hair. Perfect, thought Cedric, no longer caring about expanding his horizons. She was sitting in a chair in an otherwise empty room, the camera framing her entire body. She was naked, and her large breasts lifted from her chest with each breath. She didn't do anything other than stare into the camera, and soon Cedric felt like she was looking directly at him. He locked eyes with his screen and her eyes.

Her left hand lifted up and rubbed her opposite shoulder, Cedric found himself doing the same. He ran his hand all the way up and down his arm just as she did. If he could break his gaze with the screen, he would see that his own arm was becoming more tan and slender. His right arm and hand losing muscle mass, becoming more dainty. The woman and he did the same thing for his other arm.

Cedric didn't remember taking off all of his clothes.

The mysterious woman brought both of her arms up to her face and began rubbing, running her hands through her beautiful hair. Cedric was fully turned on, and was too involved in the video to notice the hair dropping in front of his face. She ran her hands over her throat and Cedric's breathing became slightly higher. She ran her hands over her smooth legs, and as Cedric did the same, he loved the feeling of those legs. His ass became rounder and shapely under his lovely new hands.

Cedric thought it strange that he was copying her movements, but found he couldn't stop. But it was only when he was copying her movements over his chest and felt breasts growing underneath that he became worried. His breasts were huge (he shouldn't even have breasts) and his whole body felt off, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from the blonde on the screen.

The woman's hand moved down to her vagina, and Cedric could feel his penis shrivel underneath his hand. He reached inside himself then, and the tension he had been feeling built and built while she fingered herself. Cedric couldn't believe how good it felt, and massaged her breast at the same beat as the woman. The woman's eyes began to waver with distracted ecstasy, and Cedric could feel the spell breaking. But just when she felt she could take back control, she exploded into orgasm. The spell broke, and she thrashed around in her chair, continuing to finger herself in the dying throes of passion.

She collapsed onto her keyboard, not noticing that the website had changed back to her traditional porn page. And she hadn't changed back. Cedric was still panting from the best orgasm she had ever had, when she realized the huge boobs she was laying on. Now she had the control and sense of mind to panic.

But just then, she heard her roommate come through the door. This would definitely be one of those inopportune times, and she was still so horny...