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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bodysuit Experiments

I found the bodysuit in my attic. It was pretty strange considering it felt like skin, but that was it. It was just skin. After examining it, I stuck my hand inside the hand of the suit. Even the inside felt the like skin, it was so smooth. The suit was definitely of a woman.

As soon as my fingers touched the inside tips of the suit's fingers, like putting on a glove, it felt different. It felt as if I wasn't even wearing the suit. I touched the hand to the table next to me, and I could feel it as if it was my own skin!

I peeled back the suit to reveal my own hand once again. Instead of being freaked out, I was intrigued. I wanted to know how far I could take this. So I experimented different parts of my body. The back of the suit was open, a part from the ass to neck. I stuck a foot in and found it to be my own. It was so cool to have a woman's foot just sitting there, attached to my very male body!

I tried all sorts of things, like putting my head inside the head covering. If I moved lowered the neck, I could feel the changes take place. I sung an even tone and listened as my voice rose in pitch every time I lowered the neck of the suit. I took my head out, and stuck my chest against the inside of the suit's. I had breasts! And such magnificent breasts they were.

I didn't try putting on the whole suit yet. I still had other, slightly less conventional ideas. I put my left hand in the suit's right hand. All of sudden, I had to right hands! It was so weird, I could even write with the suit's hand. I put my hand inside one of the legs all the way down to a foot. I really didn't think this would work, but there it was, a foot and very nice leg growing out of my shoulder. I put the chest of my suit on my back, and felt as breasts formed there on my back. From that idea, I put the legs of the suit on backwards and pulled the suit up to my waist. Not only did I have a vagina, but my ass was on my front, with my feet sticking out behind me! I stuck both my legs into one. I lay there on the floor looking as my waist continued into one fine looking leg.

I was having way too much fun with this. But I didn't care. And why stop there? A whole flood of kinky ideas were bombarding my head. But I thought it time to go that step I had been putting off. I put the suit on correctly, one foot at a time, left hand, then the right. Each time, I could feel the suits skin replace mine. My ass was perfectly formed, my abs were toned, my breasts were magnificent.

I closed the back of the suit up to the neck, took a deep breath, and pulled the face over mine. I felt as the tabs connected, and the suit sealed up around me. And then it wasn't a suit. It was my skin. It was me. And I was beautiful. Boy, was I going to have fun with this body.


  1. must go looking in the attic - great story

  2. i love theses bodysuit caps i hope u make more