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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Power Coins

It's been a quiet day in Angel Grove, California (for once). But with a quiet day comes studying. Even if the six Rangers are charged with protecting Earth from Rita, they still have tests to pass. Today, Tommy and Kimberly are in their own study group, but they planned to meet the rest of their friends for smoothies afterward. But their studying was taking a lot longer than usual. For you see, the two had been secretly dating for over a month now, and their study/make-out sessions were getting a little more intense with each visit.

"Tommy," Kimberly breathed during a momentary break. "We should be studying."

"Of course we should," said Tommy, but he didn't stop kissing her neck. Kimberly pulled Tommy's head away from hers and looked him in the eye. They both stopped and stared at each other before again resuming kissing each other, but with increased intensity. Just when Tommy was starting to reach under her shirt, his comm rang out, making them both jump. It was Alpha.

"Time to go back to work," sighed Tommy. They each picked up their morphers and beamed away in sparks of green and pink.


They had their mission. Rita's next monster was terrorizing the school. They knew what they had to do. It was morphin' time.

"It's morphin' time!" yelled Tommy.

"Triceratops!" "Pterodactyl!" "Mastadon!" "Saber-tooth Tiger!" "Tyrannosaurus!" "Dragonzord!"

But when the team arrived on the scene, something was horribly wrong. You know, besides Rita's newest monster.

"What?!" yelled the Green Ranger. He looked down at his uniform, but jolted at a yell to his left.

"How?!" yelled the Pink Ranger. She was also looking down, and looked at the Green Ranger quickly. She ran over to him and whispered. "How did this happen?"

"I don't know. This is so strange." The rest of the team was distracted with fighting the Puddies, and had yet to notice the two straglers. Both were too shocked to move, but when they saw their friends in danger, they nodded to each other and went to fight. They would figure out what happened later.

Tommy felt off, but no less powerful. He still knew how to fight. Kimberly didn't quite know how to handle this. But she didn't lose her instincts. Soon, the Puddies were defeated.

Without warning, a hideous monster appeared in front of them. It cackled menacingly, and roared in defiance when Rita's magic wand made her monster grow.

They needed Dinozord power now.

"We need Dinozord power now!" shouted Jason.

From the depths of the earth emerged the five Zords that would combine to create the Megazord. Tommy watched in fascination and horror. He knew how to get in his machine, but didn't know how to use his new power coin to merge the Zords together. Kimberly had a completely different problem. How would she call the Dragonzord? She couldn't play the flute-dagger.

At almost the same time, both their suits took over. At Jason's behest, Tommy's new suit made him pull out his power coin, engage it, and begin the initiation sequence for the Megazord. Kimberly pulled out her dagger and began to play, not knowing where the notes were coming from. She jumped in her Zord and knew just what to do to control the machine.

As always, Rita's monster never stood a chance.


But when they returned to the Command Center and un-Morphin' Time'd, Tommy and Kimberly looked at each other in horror to find that they still had a huge problem, but now they didn't have suits to hide it.

"Well done, Rangers," Zordon boomed from his pillar. "But beware, Rita will strike again. You must continue to be strong, as you have."

"Thank you, Zordon," stated Jason proudly. "We'll be ready for her."

Alpha 5 chirped in approval and the others nodded in agreement, Kimberly and Tommy with markedly less enthusiasm.

Back at Kimberly's home, they finally had the privacy necessary to confront their problem.

"Why haven't we changed back?" Tommy nearly screamed from his very feminine body and pink clothes. They had been holding back a torrent of emotion and confusion for several hours

"Shh!" Kimberly was worried about someone finding out she was in her boyfriend's body. Her green clothes weren't helping her calm. "I don't know. There's no reason why this happened."

Tommy started taking deep breaths to calm himself, sat down and started thinking things through. "It started when we morphed. This is gonna sound weird. Did we do it right?"

"We do it the way we always did. Unless..." Kimberly pulled out her Power Coin. She nearly cried at what she saw. "I have your coin."

"What?" Tommy almost fell off the bed. He pulled out his coin. "Oh man. Here! Switch it back!"

They hastily changed coins. There was just one thing they had to do to confirm.

"It's morphin' time!" they both yelled together.

Since that fateful day, Tommy and Kimberly's relationship only grew stronger. And after some time of doing everything right, they began to warm up to the idea of switching Power Coins again. After all, who would believe they could switch bodies? And if they had to fight as each other, the suits would help them out. Only years later, after they had passed their powers onto a new generation, did they tell the other Rangers what they had been doing.