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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dollhouse: Replacement

Juan Diego, FBI had been investigating the Dollhouse for over a year now. It all started when he started looking into the missing persons report for one Elizabeth Allen. She had gone missing three years ago, and his only clue to go on was the word "Dollhouse."

Through extensive investigation, Juan was not able to find much. But he did find out that the Dollhouse was a super secret, super advanced brainwashing organization. They wiped people's memories so they could imprint new ones on them and send them out to fulfill the buyer's perverted fantasies.

Juan had tried time and time again to discover the location of the Dollhouse, and to find Elizabeth, but they were always three steps ahead of him. His search had even cost him his job.

But one day, Elizabeth came knocking at his door. And then she knocked him out.

Juan woke up tied to a reclined chair. A tall woman with auburn hair stood over him. A bright light was shining from somewhere, but Juan couldn't see where.

"Hello, Juan. Welcome to the Dollhouse."

Juan's eyes opened wide with shock. He had made it, but at what cost? "Where is Elizabeth Allen?"

"Do you mean Luna? Her contract expired two hours ago. Her last assignment was to bring you in," the lady smiled. She had wonderful teeth, and a heavy English accent. "She is once again a free woman, allowed to live her life as if nothing had ever happened. A substantially richer life, I might add."

"Her contract? She didn't sign up to have her memory wiped every day."

"Why of course not. We recruited her. But she did sign her life to us for the last three years."

"You brainwashed her."

"In a way, yes we did. But she helped fulfill the dreams of many many people. I dare say, she has become very popular during that time. And that, of course, brings us to why you are here."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I did not bring you here just so I could spill all my company's secrets to a sorry excuse for an FBI agent," she stopped and smiled. There was no menace there. "I mean, that you are to become Luna's replacement."


"Well, we can't have you going back and telling all our secrets. And we certainly don't want to kill you. No, you're much more useful to us this way."

"You're going to make me a doll?"

"Not just any doll: Luna."

Juan couldn't speak. He knew their technology was advanced...but this?

"We have the technology to remove a person's memories and replace them as we see fit. It's not too much a stretch of the imagination that we have that technology as well."

"You'll never get away with this. I'll stop you!"

She laughed, "Oh my dear boy. You can't stop me, it's already happened."


"We've injected you with the proper nanotechnology that will turn your body into an exact duplicate of Luna's," she explained. She showed him the remote in her hands. "All I have to do is press this button."

And she pressed it. Juan's body immediately exploded into many fast paced changes. He could feel each and every muscle and hair morph around him. His hair sprung out around his head, his skin complexion lightened and smoothened. The stubble on his face was gone, and so was his leg hair. His shoulders and waist pulled in, and his ass pushed out. He could feel breasts forcing themselves out of his chest and his arms lose their muscle mass.

Juan tried to yell as he writhed under the straps, but all that came out was a little squeak as his voice cracked. His dick had shrunk and pulled inside of him. He had changed into a woman. But he didn't have time to admire the changes to his body.

"I hope you enjoy your new body, Juan. But you won't for long. Now it is time to take away your memories," the strange woman walked away from him. "Goodbye."

"No!" Juan yelled out in a voice that was much too high. "You can't leave me like this!"

He saw her press another button on her remote as she walked out of the room, and darkness closed in around him.

"Hello, Luna."

"Did I fall asleep?" Luna's voice was innocent and beautiful, like a child's. Her mind had no memories, wiped clean except for the few bare essentials.

"For a little while."

"Shall I go now?" Soon she would be given a new set of memories to complete her first assignment.

"If you'd like."


  1. Awesome. You nailed the show perfectly. I would sign up if I could keep the body afterward.

  2. Lady Alexia is right...Fantastic

  3. Wonderful, I love the show as well and you nailed it.