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Monday, October 11, 2010

Evolution of the Boob

This one's been sitting in my queue for quite some time, but I felt now was a good a time as any to refine and publish it. I'm not going to pretend that I wrote most of what is in this post, but I couldn't help using these pics and text to make a TG themed story. Head on over here to see my blatant plagiarism.  Hit the jump to begin. Enjoy.

What the...what?

What's this? I haven't updated since friggin' January and I've got 37 Blogger and 100 Google Reader followers? How does that happen? I actually run a movie news/reviews blog that never gets that kind of attention. And that one I'm able to share with people I see in real life. Oy, you guys are amazing.

But let me just say, I don't know why you all started following me even with no updates, but thanks for doing it. You guys have inspired me, which of course means I have to start updating again. So expect to see some new stories sometime in the near future. Maybe even today!