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Thursday, April 9, 2009

LOST and Found

"What do you mean you're Charlie?" Sawyer exclaimed.

"I mean that I'm Charlie."

"But Charlie died over three years ago in that underwater Dharma station..." Sawyer just couldn't comprehend what this person was telling him. "And even if you survived, there's no way you could look like...this."

"Well, Sawyer, I was nearly killed by a one-eyed Russian with a grenade in an underwater research station run by Island natives. I was in love with an Australian who ditched her baby and became a mystical protector of the Island with her father, and he also happens to be Jack's father. The only person protecting me from death before that was an English lunatic who, before being able to see how I would die, spent years pressing a button every 108 minutes to keep the world from ending. We were careening through time like a skipping record until Locke flipped a mystical switch that stopped it but sent him off the Island to get the other six who left, who now want to come back, even though they went through all the trouble to get off in the first place, like surviving a helicopter crash after their ship blew up and the Island disappeared. And you yourself are a leader of the Dharma Initiative in the 1970's. So, you tend to take these things in stride."

"But you're a woman."

"Yeah, like I said." Charlie smiled.

"Yeah I suppose you're right. Stranger things have happened," Sawyer smirked right back. "Hey, wanna say hello to a 10-year-old Benjamin Linus? Oh, and then I'll show you the sonar fence that protects us from the giant black smoke monster."

"Sounds great!"

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