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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two Bodies in One

Ryan had found it first. It was like a skin. Definitely a woman's skin. It felt smooth to the touch, almost like plastic, but much more delicate. He slipped his hand into the skin's arm, and found that as soon as his fingers touched the inside tips of the skin's, the skin fit him perfectly. But that didn't make any sense, this skin was of a full-grown woman, and he was only 14. It was as if the skin magically changed the wearer to fit the skin.

Not only that, but he could swear he wasn't actually wearing anything from his elbow down. He brought the hand to his face, and it felt as if a woman was touching him, and he was that woman. Ryan peeled off the skin, revealing that he did indeed still have his own hand. Ryan thought about what it would be like to put the entire skin on.

"Whatchu you got there?"

Ryan jumped. He hadn't heard his twin brother, Wyatt, come in. "Nothing!" he said as he attempted to hide it behind his back.

"Liar! What is it?"

Ryan sighed, he knew this wouldn't be a secret for long. Wyatt and Ryan were close as brothers could be. They fought all the time, but it was always in good fun. If there was anyone he would share his discovery with, it was Wyatt. So he explained and demonstrated what he had found.

"I wanna try it on!" Wyatt said in excitement.

"No way! I found it, I get to try it on first."

Thus began their inevitable quarreling over who would get to wear the magical skin first. They each pulled at the skin, which stretched around them as they pushed and pulled. Soon, Ryan found his left arm inside the arm of the suit, and he noticed that Wyatt was also fighting with the skin's hand and not his own. Not only that, but his legs were being wrapped up in the skin.

"Wyatt! Wait!"

They both stopped fighting long enough to realize the skin was all around them, enveloping them. Both of Ryan's legs were inside one of the skin's, and now his legs seemed impossibly long. From his waist down, Ryan only felt one leg. The skin's.

"Ryan, what's happening?" Wyatt asked in earnest.

"I don't know, but we gotta stop it from getting the rest of us!"

But no matter how much they struggled or pulled at the skin, it enveloped them all the more with a mind of it's own. Soon they were only pulling at what seemed like their own very smooth skin. Finally, only both their heads were sticking out of the neck of the suit. Everything else was sealed up. Ryan and Wyatt could only scream in horror as the head of the suit pulled itself over theirs and sealed them inside.

Ryatt opened her eyes. She stood up, looked down at herself and smiled. "Thank you boys," she whispered to herself. "Looks like both your souls combined were just big enough to free me."
Ryatt summoned some clothing, then began to laugh softly as she walked out of the room. "Now won't you join me as I unleash some chaos on your world once again?"