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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lesbian Vampires

Sam had unwittingly walked right into the vampires' trap, and now he was strung up in the middle of their lair. There were four of them, all women. Rather hot women too, but Sam wasn't really in a position to do much with that. The tallest of them stepped forward.

"Hello, love. My name's Darla," she purred with a slight English accent. "What's yours?"

"Go to hell."

"Oh... well that's not very polite," she said as the other vampires snickered behind her.

"Screw polite," Sam growled. "You killed my brother."

"Killed? Now my dear boy, I don't kill human men," Darla turned and held out her hand to the others. The smallest of the group stepped forward and took her hand. She was small, with short brown hair and mousy features. They embraced each other in a passionate kiss. Darla turned and looked Sam directly in the eyes. "I turn them."

"You don't mean..."

"So disgusting men are. Especially you human ones."

"You bitch! Where is he? Show me my brother!"

"Why my dear boy, you're looking at her."

Sam looked at the unfamiliar female vampire still within Darla's embrace, and the realization hit him.


"Hello, little brother," the woman smiled menacingly and mockingly. "Do you like what they've done with me?"

"This can't be..."

"Believe it," Darla interrupted. The female vampire who used to be Wesley stepped back to join the rest of her group. "And now your fate will be the same as hers."

Before Sam could protest, Darla was on him, her teeth embedded in his neck. The pain was excruciating. He tried to push her off, but his strength was rapidly being drained with his blood. All he could do was hang there as Darla sucked him dry. But then she stopped. Sam, still hanging by his hands, had no energy even to lift his head.

Darla took a knife and cut a small hole in the side of her neck. The blood dripped slowly down her shoulder. "Now drink," she ordered. Sam tried to resist, but he didn't have the energy. He could feel his last vestiges of life leave him. Darla moved her bleeding neck up to his mouth. A drop of her blood touched his lips, and he could feel the life in it. Even with such a small drop, he could feel his energy returning. He drank hungrily, as if this was his first meal in weeks. He sucked and sucked, welcoming the warm blood into his body.

He could feel the changes as he drank. The new blood coursing through his body was changing it. He could feel his face change, his features becoming softer and his hair becoming longer. The changes moved down his body, where his neck thinned and his grunts from drinking became more high pitched. His shoulders and arms were much thinner, and he could feel his nipples puff out and balloon into very large breasts. His waist pulled in and his hips flared out. As his legs became longer and smoother, a void was formed where his manhood used to exist.

As the last change occurred, Darla pulled her neck away and ordered the others to let the new vampire down. Darla went and stood in front of her, "now, isn't this so much better?"

"So much better, Darla," she whispered. "Thank you."

Darla smiled as she pulled her new minion closer. "Of course, darling. Now, what shall we call you?"
*Pictures taken from movie stills of Lesbian Vampire Killers*

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