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Friday, April 10, 2009

Rings of Power: The Photoshoot Part I

I was the one who found the rings. I knew what they were capable of. I just didn't know what to do with them. Because I was at a loss, I did what I always did, I asked Tyler.

Tyler was a professional photographer and my best friend of, like, forever. I was always the shy one as a kid, he was the outgoing one. But even with our obvious differences in personality, we've always been close. So when I showed him the rings, it was understandable that he would have an idea instantly.

"Let's use them to turn each other into chicks!"

"Wait, what?" This wasn't really what I thought he would have in mind.

"No, dude, think about it."

I paused. "Okay I did. I repeat my previous question."

"We can use these rings to get your photography career off the ground! You're not gonna get anywhere taking pictures of streams and shit. And this way, you won't even have to pay for models!"

I had to stop and seriously consider it. It did make some sense, in a Tyler sort of way. "But why am I turning into a girl too?"

"Why not?" Tyler laughed. "Besides, I'm not gonna turn into a chick by myself, so you're gonna do it with me."

Knowing Tyler, I there was no way to say no. So I agreed. "On the condition that you go first."

"Fine fine you pussy," Tyler smiled. "Here, give me the silver ring."

I threw him the silver ring, and I put on the gold one. From the note that came with the rings, I knew that Tyler couldn't take off his ring until I took off mine and gave it to him. As long as he wore the gold ring, he could take off the silver ring. But whoever wore the gold ring could change the body of the person who wore the silver ring. That meant I could change him into whoever I wanted. I concentrated, and he changed.

First his hair grew longer, lightening as it went to a dirty blonde. His features softened, his lips puffing out slightly and his eyes just a little bit wider. As the changes accelerated, his neck, shoulders, and arms became much more slender, losing almost all their hair.

Tyler grunted. His voice had already changed. "Oh, wow. This is actually working. To be honest I didn't think it would."

"Then why'd you want to do this?"

"As soon as it didn't work I was gonna call you queer or something," he laughed in his much higher and sexier laugh.

"Yeah, for that you're gonna get some big breasts." As soon as the words came out of my mouth, breasts practically exploded from Tyler's once manly chest. I decided to quicken the process, so I imagined the whole body of who I wanted. All at once, Tyler's legs lengthened and smoothened, his feet becoming quite dainty, his hips flared out and his waist shrank. He even lost a couple of inches in height. And although I couldn't see it, I knew from Tyler's expression that his package was no longer present.

As soon as all the changes were complete, Tyler walked over to the mirror, checked himself out for a moment, turned to me, and struck a pose. He sure is taking this pretty easily, I thought.

"Okay, you're turn."

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