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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boxer Thief

I finally caught him. My roommate, Greg, has the bad habit of not doing his laundry, but doesn't like to wear dirty underwear. I don't blame him, but if he just did his laundry he wouldn't have that problem. What I do blame him for is stealing my underwear.

He denies it every time I yell at him, and it's gotten to the point where I have to do his laundry for him just so he won't steal my clean boxers.

Well, I finally caught him in the act. And it was all thanks to that weird old guy in that small shop in the mall. He gave me this pair of black panties and told me to put them in my underwear drawer.

"The next person who sees them won't be able to resist putting them on," he said with a chuckle. "So be sure it's him who opens the drawer next."

I was still pretty skeptical that Greg would put the panties on, but the old man sweetened the deal by saying they were only a buck fifty. I couldn't resist that deal, even if I only got a laugh out of seeing Greg's face when he sees them in my drawer.

I put the panties in my underwear drawer and closed the drawer. I was almost tempted to open it myself just to see what would happen, but I heeded the old man's warning. I went downstairs to watch some television, and I kept my video camera with me just in case.

Greg came home not to long afterward and immediately went upstairs to take a shower. I waited until he went into our room, went upstairs, and stood outside, waiting to hear...well, something.

At what I thought was the right time, I swung my door open, video camera up, ready to humiliate Greg. He was just in the process of putting the panties on, the rest of him buck naked.

I laughed as I hit the record button, but Greg didn't even look up. As soon as the panties were in place, he began to change. It looked as if liquid was spreading out from the panties all along Greg's pale skin. Upon closer inspection, it was actually the effect of Greg's skin becoming tanner and smoother. Once his entire body was tan, the rest of the changes happened all at once.

His ass, breasts, and hair exploded outward from his body, as if they were being forced out. I was too distracted by those to notice that at the same time, the rest of his body had changed as well. Greg no longer stood before me, but a goddess.

Greg hadn't moved the entire time, not a muscle. But as soon as the last change took place, he looked over in my direction and smiled.

"Hello, lover," she said seductively. "I missed you in the shower. How about you put that video camera down and come make up for that."

I complied.

It wasn't the solution I was expecting. I don't even know if you would call this a solution, since my new roommate still wears my underwear. But I don't complain; she can wear whatever she wants.

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