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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Body and Soulmates : Chapter 1

Andrew and Steph had been going out for almost five years now. Since their sophomore year in high school, they've been nothing but close. They stayed together for college, even though she went to UC: San Diego and he went to UC: Berkeley. People always asked them how they made it work, but it was really quite easy for them, since they loved each other.

It was also made easier by the fact that they didn't see each other as often as couples who lived together. It was hard not to see each other for extended periods of time, but those weekends when they were together were made all the more intimate and special by it.

But now, at the end of their junior year, they were both feeling lonely. They loved seeing each other, and loved being with each other, but it seemed like there would be no end to the long distance aspect of their relationship. It didn't help that everything in the media was telling them that serious relationships at a young age were dangerous.

Andrew didn't like talking about marriage, and Steph didn't push it on him. They both knew that they had another year of college and undetermined graduate plans after that. Kids and marriage wouldn't enter the picture until much, much later. He didn’t even know if he wanted to go that far with her. They got along so well, but what if there was another, closer girl that he got along with better?

They weren't together on Steph's 21st birthday. They knew they wouldn't be, but Andrew set aside a lot of time to talk to her on the phone. When he picked up, she seemed way more excited than usual.

"Andrew! Something way weird happened today! But it's also exciting, in a weird way. Do you know what I mean? I don't even know what I mean. I mean, this is so cool, but it freaks me out. And I haven't told anyone yet, but..."

"Steph!" Andrew had to stop her; she would have gone on forever. "What is it?"

"We can change each other!"

Andrew paused, he knew that Steph didn’t like having smallish boobs, but he didn’t know she was taking an active interest in fixing that. “Oh? Um, how?”

“I don’t know! But I think you can change my body any way you want to. And I can change yours! You see, I just got a letter from my mom!”

“But your mom…”

“Is dead, I know. But my aunt just came by and gave me the letter from my mom. She said her mom told her to give it to me on my 21st birthday. It told me what we can do.”

“Which is?” Andrew was having a hard time believing they could change each other’s bodies. But on the other hand, he hadn’t heard be so excited before.

“Well, if we are talking to each other, or looking at each other, we can change stuff. But we have to say it out loud. Here, let me show you,” she paused to think. “I know, you have huge biceps!”

All of a sudden, Andrew’s arms swelled in size. He couldn’t believe how big his biceps were, and in less than a minute. Andrew was speechless.

Steph was ecstatic. “Oh my god! It worked! It worked it worked it worked! I wasn’t sure it would work, and it did! Do something to me! Come on, do it!”

Andrew was still in a semi-state of shock, but his mind could still think of something dirty. “Your boobs are bigger!”

On his screen, he could see Steph’s breasts swell up under her shirt. Steph had had smallish breasts, but now they were at least twice their regular size. Luckily for Steph, her outfit didn’t require a bra.

“Wow,” he said. “”

Steph laughed, “I didn’t know you were a boob man.”

“I didn’t know I had the option,” Andrew laughed back.

“Isn’t this amazing?”

“It’s incredible! But how is this even possible?”

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