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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Randall and Mark were twin brothers who decided to backpack through Europe together. They hit all the high points, crashed on floors, and stayed in hostels. But one hostel proved to be quite different from the others. It was in Amsterdam, a hostel that seemed too good to be true. Cheap prices, cheap meals, great parties, and naked women everywhere. The only catch was that the lady who owned the place said guests were only allowed to stay one night.

Randall and Mark could barely contain themselves. They stayed for a day and a night, but didn't want to leave the next day. They had each gotten massive amounts of head, sex, ass, everything. How could they leave a place like this?

So they formed a plan. They would leave as instructed, but would sneak back in that night. They both snuck in with no problem, and the girls there were again very excited to see them. All the girls surrounded Mark and Randall, enveloping them in folds of smooth skin and soft breasts. They went to sleep that night deep within those folds.

Daisy and Mary are still at the hostel, working there and pleasing the guests who come and go. They couldn't be happier in the presence of other beautiful women like themselves. And the sex was just magical.

Other guests tried to stay just as they had, and those guests became permanent residents, just like the twins once named Mark and Randall.

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