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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Levi's Jeans

Jeans were an important part of the Gold Rush culture. Levi Strauss moved to San Francisco in 1853 to open a Western branch of his brother's New York dry goods store. His company would come to be known as Levi Strauss & Co., with their most marketable product: Levi's Jeans. Soon he was selling denim overalls and pants to the gold-hungry 49ers.

But during his time, San Francisco was not a gender-balanced place. The men there had crossed countless miles of dangerous terrain in the small hope of striking it rich and bringing safety through money back to their wives and family.

And because of this, there were not many women in the area. Many men resorted to cross-dressing during parties, where it was socially acceptable for men to dance with other cross-dressed men.

Little known to most of the world, Levi Strauss, best known for the Levi's brand, was also a wizard. He saw that the men needed real women to help offset the daily failures of empty sacks. To help, he created a pair of jeans unlike any other. Any man who wore them would turn into a woman, and an extremely attractive one at that. The jeans also changed the man's mind to match his new body.

Levi only made one pair of his magical Levi's jeans. They slowly made their way around San Francisco, turning unknowing men into attractive female versions of themselves. Levi kept track of the pants as their effects were easily apparent to him.

One day, however, Levi realized that he hadn't seen any new changes in quite some time. But this did not worry him anymore. The increase in new workers and discovered gold had created a booming center of commerce in San Francisco. And with a new city, came security, so men were more willing to take their wives along for the ride. Levi's jeans were no longer needed.


A hundred sixty years later, Lee found them, but he didn't know it at the time. His grandmother had passed away, and it was his family's job to go through her things. They spent days going through her house, deciding what to toss, what to sell, what to keep. Lee was given the attic. That's where he found them, of course. They looked to be his size, a little beat up and torn, but good. Lee threw them in the "keep" pile.

After logging many hours there, his grandmother's house was packed up. They took our boxes home and collapsed. It was supposed to be part of the grieving process, but it was more work than anything. Lee hadn't even known her that well. Oh well, it was done.

Lee went up to my room with his one box of her stuff that went to him. He took out the jeans, dusted them off, and tried them on to make sure they fit.

The jeans fit really well, but as soon as the button was fastened, the jeans seemed to shrink on him. It was quite sudden, but they kept shrinking, even when his balls were being squished under their power. He fumbled with the button, to try and get them off, but nothing would budge. The jeans just wouldn't come off. The jeans kept shrinking, and Lee along with them. He could feel his legs change, and his penis get pressed up against his groin. Lee's ass didn't shrink after a certain point, however. It even seemed to get bigger. It was pretty apparent what was about to happen: he was going to turn into a girl.

Lee was seeing everything in slow motion, like those few nanoseconds before you get into a car crash. He could see the changes move up his body as his waist thinned and his abs flattened. Moving up, he could feel his chest balloon and push away from his body. Two enormous breasts were growing there. From there, Lee's arms, hands, and shoulders thinned and lost muscle mass. His voice grew in pitch when the changes reached his neck and his face distorted itself to match his new body. Hair cascaded down his back.

Lee looked in the mirror, seeing his new body with disbelief. But then the final change hit him, the one that would change his mind. It made him dizzy, but when his head cleared, there was no longer a Lee.

Instead, Lilah stood there, admiring her body in the mirror. She went and picked out a shirt to go with her form-hugging jeans. Lilah was ready to go out and please the men around her.

All thanks, to Levi's magical pair of jeans.


  1. Very Sweet story. Loved the historical angle.

  2. I'd like to have them next, please? If she puts them on ebay, I'll happily bid :)