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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bodysuit Fun

The very latest in bodysuit technology: Bodysuit Inc.'s new body model RL240X. Not only did it turn a man into a fully functional female, but it was the special sex edition (thus the addition of the 'X' on the end of the name), which allowed someone to take it off, even if it got semen on it. No getting stuck as a woman forever for me, Mark thought as he opened the box. He had paid top dollar for this bit of technology. And in waiting for the package to arrive, Mark had memorized all its specs.

The model Mark had chosen was just to his specifications. In fact, after he had registered his purchase, Bodysuit Inc. had contacted him personally to ask him if it one of their defaults. He had agreed of course. Why deny others the chance to have such a perfect body?

He tried it on immediately. The skin felt strange against his own. It was tight, and it pressed against his groin and waist, but loose around his ass and chest. But he expected that. He fit his arms and fingers into those of the suit. The head of the suit hung down on his chest, and Mark felt slightly ridiculous looking like a man in a latex woman suit. But he zipped up his back and pulled the head over his. There were two tabs, one on the neck and the other on the back. As soon as they met, the suit was pulled in and pushed out all at once. It pressed against his face enough so he had to close his eyes.

All of a sudden the pressure subsided, and he was no longer wearing the skin. No, it was his skin. Mark was a she. But he didn't get long to admire his new body before both his roommates came walking into his room.

"Who are you?" his roommate Rob asked.

"Um, Mary. I'm Mark's...cousin." Mary suddenly became very conscious of how naked she was, and of the tents in each of their pants.

"Where's he?"

"Um, he went out for a bit." Mary stopped, thinking that this was the perfect opportunity to test out his new suit. It was the X model for a reason. He could feel his nipples tighten and his pussy moisten. It was ready to be filled.

"I was just getting more comfortable," Mary smiled seductively. "How about you boys do the same and then come join me in the bedroom?"

She sauntered back into Mark's room, taking pains to swing her ass just a little bit more with each step. She stopped at the doorway and turned slightly. "I'll be waiting."

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