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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taking Responsibility

Shannon knew this would happen to him, Eric was sure of it now. And he had loved her too.

But that was three years ago. Eric had long since moved on. Indeed, he felt sorry for Shannon now, for he was sure that she had loved him too. But then, one night, they had made love for the first time. It was magical, and the end result no less so. She left because of what she did to him. Eric suspected that she couldn't bear having done something like this to the man she loved.

Of course, making his way in the world since then as a member of the opposite sex hadn't been easy. No ID, no credit, no nothing. But Eric, now Erica, had managed, now living comfortably enough. She accepted her new identity, even going so far as to start dating a very polite, very handsome, young man named Brad.

Erica now understood why Shannon had left him all those years ago. Shannon had not only passed on her sex, she had also passed on the curse that had made him this way. Erica had finally agreed to make the ultimate commitment with Brad, but Brad was to be punished just as Eric had been.

But Erica would not make the same mistake Shannon had. She would take responsibility and stick with Brad, no matter his gender. She would make sure Brad had a friend in this newly troubled time. A luxury she herself never had.

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