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Friday, May 1, 2009


Today, I accidentally ran into the girl I have crush on. We both fell down, but I laughed it off as I got up. She didn't apologize or say anything at all. She just walked away. In my body. And I was in hers. FML.

Today, I switched bodies with my girlfriend with this weird medallion. According to the directions, we could switch back after 12 hours. We each decided to live each other's lives for those 12 hours and then meet back when the time was up. I had fun, but was eager to return to normal. I waited for over 2 hours. She never showed up. FML.

Today, I used my Master PC program to turn myself into a woman for the first time. I stayed home and messed around, but when I went to change myself back, I accidentally deleted my original form. Now I have to start from scratch, and my wife is coming home soon. FML.

Today, my ex-girlfriend bought me a lifetime pass to the Bikini Beach. FML.

Today, I was able to have one wish come true. I wished for a big-titted woman. I got the wish, because now I am that big-titted woman. FML.

Today, I bought a bodysuit that changed my body into that of a fully-functioning female. The only problem is that you can't get semen on it, or the suit is permanent. I put my hands in the suits' and jacked off using woman's hands. I was careful to not get any jizz on the suit, but not careful enough. Now I have woman's hands and a suit permanently attached to them. FML.