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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Fountain of Youth: Sacrifice

"Legend tells of a lake that provides life. The lake yields youth and beauty to any who swim within its waters. The path to this long foretold 'fountain of youth' is long and treacherous; many have died in pursuit of its promises. Of all who have sought the lake, only one has returned, but not as he came.

The man's scars and injuries were healed, his skin was flawless and his eyes, although sad, shone with the fire of immortality.

Many men asked how he made it or what lies in wait beyond the dark forest. To all questions, he said only one thing:

'Sacrifice your life for eternal life.'

No one knows what he meant by it, and to this day, no one has ever made it to the lake alive. But those who do make the trek know that they must sacrifice something, but they do not know what.

And the man? He still lives, high up in the mountains, still grieving over that which he had lost."
My grandfather told me this story time and time again. It was always my favorite story. And thinking back, it was probably the reason that I grew to love the outdoors as much as I did. Now, twenty years later, I still keep his teachings and stories in mind whenever I go out into the wilderness.

So much so, in fact, that I have been researching the fabled lake in an attempt to see if there was any truth to my favorite bedtime story. I hit the jackpot over a week ago when I used satellite images to sweep an area of forest. The only reason the lake even sparked my interest was that it's not on any paper maps, ancient or current. I have since made the journey through dangerous forests and high ravines.

Today, I finally reached the fabled lake. There it was, the fountain from my stories and legend. It was beautiful, trees and crystal clear water.

I wasted no time in stripping down all my clothes. I stepped into the water, refreshing in its coolness. I could feel my energy returning almost as soon as my toes touched the placid surface of the lake. I laughed, it seemed as if I could do anything, especially with my feet. My feet were under the water, and they felt powerful. I wanted that feeling for my whole body, so I dove headfirst into the center of the lake. I swam around and marveled at how my body felt.

I could feel my body literally change around me. It felt as if my hair was growing in tenfolds, my chest and ass expanding, my facial features were changing. I was so overjoyed at having finally found the lake that I took each change in stride. It didn't worry me that my waist and arms were shrinking. I loved how my legs felt smooth and soft, as if the water was giving them new life. My crotch and chest felt wonderfully sensitive to the water rushing past my rejuvenated body.

Still laughing, I walked out of the lake, my body still awash in the glow of being given eternal youth. Only then did I notice the changes that had taken place throughout my body. I had become a woman. My hair was long and blonde, my arms were so skinny, my voice was too high. I was beautiful.

I did not understand it, how could this happen? But then it hit me, my grandfather had warned me time and time again:

"Sacrifice your life for eternal life."

I would live forever, but in a body completely foreign to me. No connections, no friends, no family. Was it worth it?

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