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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


"This bodysuit is amazing!"

Tenchi was still marveling at his voluptuous breasts when he made the exclamation. Every time he put the suit on, he could change his appearance into that of any woman he imagined!

Last night he had envisioned a smokin' hot japanese girl from online mixed with a blonde bimbo from his class. The previous night he had tried the body of Jessica Simpson. There seemed to be no limit to what the bodysuit could turn him into.

Tonight he had decided that he would try what he thought a comicbook superheroine would look like in real life, but without the clothes of course.

He had waited until night time as always and stripped down all of his clothes in preparation. He didn't need to, but the latex of the suit always felt nice against his bare skin.

He always started with his arms, unlike most people who started with their legs. Well most people who own body morphing suits, that is. Tenchi liked to imagine that most people started with their legs. As soon as the tips of his fingers touched the inside tips of the suits', he no longer felt the skin. That had freaked him out the first time, but now it felt natural that his chubby fingers fit inside such delicate hands so easily.

He pulled each arm up to his shoulders and let the chest of the suit lay on his own. He liked to play with this part, as the breasts seemed to inflate whenever they touched his chest. So he'd pull the suit on and off his chest. Tonight he played for over ten minutes before finally moving on to pulling on his new head. He accidentally brushed his new nipple and shivered at the touch. His dick hardened quickly at the sensation. He worked the mask over his scalp and felt as his own hair no longer existed, to be replaced by long and luscious locks of the hot brunette he had envisioned.

Finally were the legs, which he put on one leg at a time. Tenchi always laughed at himself for that joke, it never had truer meaning. Too bad there was no one around to tell it too. Oh well, his secret, their loss. No more leg hair and perfectly toned legs were such a huge benefit to putting on the suit. As he pulled it up around his ass, he could feel as he now had a large ass to match his equally large breasts. Not only that, but his dick had been replaced by an already moist vagina.

The only thing left to do was to close up his back and neck, but before doing that, he took a hand and arm of the suit. With his own hand, not the suit's, he massaged his own breast and sighed at the feeling of a simulated man touching him. Tenchi loved the feeling and basked in the pleasure.

Tenchi finished up and put his arm back inside the suit and closed up the rest of the suit at the bottom of his neck. Maybe he'd go out and get another man to massage his breasts tonight...and maybe a whole more.

"This bodysuit is amazing!"

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