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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Retro Bodysuit

Jacob hadn't been too close with his grandma. It was nothing personal. She just happened to live on the other side of the country. He had seen her maybe five times in his life. So when she died, he felt bad that he didn't feel more grief. He made time out of college classes so that he could attend her funeral. She was family after all. After the service, he was asked to sit in on the reading of his grandmother's will. It turns out that she had considered him in her will, and had left him a locked wooden box, about the size of a record player, and an envelope. Jacob was surprised to have received anything at all, but accepted the gift with humility.

With all the other obligations that weekend, Jacob had no opportunity to find out what was in the box. He didn't get a chance until he returned to his college campus apartment. He opened the envelope first. A key slid out, small and silver. He read over the accompanying note, scrawled in shaky, but legible cursive.
I'm sorry we never got a chance to truly connect. I've always asked your mother about you and your achievements. You've accomplished so much and I wish that I could have been there to see the man you turned out to be. But that is the hand that life dealt us, and we must make of it what we can. I leave you with a small token and a word of advice: Do what you want with your life and don't let anything get in your way. But make sure to do one thing: have fun. Life is nothing without fun and all the money in the world couldn't make up for the lack of it. I hope you take these words to heart.
I love you,
Jacob put the card down, wiping a tear from his eye. Now he really wished he had known his grandma better. He turned to the box and used the key to unlock it. With a click, the lid sprung open. Jacob peered inside. It appeared to be a cloth of some sort, and it was silky smooth to the touch. Pulling it out, it appeared to be a full bodysuit, complete with a hood for a head. Jacob was curious, and his roommates were out, so he locked his door so he could change to put it on. And besides, there was no way he could not put it on after such a heartfelt note from his grandma.

Jacob stripped all his clothes and stuck his foot into the suit's leg. The inside of the suit was just as smooth as the outside. He was a little too big for the suit, but managed to squeeze both his legs into it. He pulled it up over his hips to his shoulders and fit both his arms inside. There was a plastic-looking zipper along the back, so he zipped it up. After pulling the hood over his head, he looked out through the eye holes and checked himself out in the mirror. He looked nothing short of ridiculous. It just looked like he was wearing a woman's skin, it was completely stretched out and sagging in so many different places. This was supposed to help him have fun? He didn't know what to expect from this gift, but maybe something a little...more.

He looked inside the box one more time to see if he had missed anything. Sure enough, there were a pair of black-rimmed glasses stuffed in the corner. He had already gone this far, so he put them on. The suit pulled and twisted, pushed and prodded. It was like going to the bottom of a very deep pool, there was pressure everywhere. Starting at his face, Jacob couldn't feel the suit anymore. It was like the suit had fused with his face. Auburn hair sprouted out of his head. The pressure increased on his throat, then his shoulders and arms. There was no way his arms could be that skinny! He panicked and tried to grab the zipper on his back, but couldn't find it anywhere. The pressure moved down his body. His hands became so much smaller, he waist caved in. Jacob nearly screamed when the pressure reached his crotch, where it pushed and pushed until he couldn't feel his penis anymore. The pressure moved quickly down his legs, making his feet far too small.

Finally the outside pressure let off. But with it came urge to press outwards. Focused on his chest and butt, Jacob couldn't resist the urge to let some pressure out. His ass filled the suit's and fused with it. He watched as the extra skin on his chest ballooned out, becoming two torpedo-like breasts.

The changes were done. Jacob was breathing hard. That was definitely less than fun. He looked down on his body, now completely foreign. He was gorgeous, his breasts were like something out of a 70s Playboy. Jacob looked in the box again, desperate for some way to turn back. Sure enough, there was a note he was sure was not there before.
To return to your normal self, simply say aloud, "Life is nothing without a bit of fun." If you ever wish to return to this form, simply put on the glasses. The suit, and my love, will be with you forever.
Jacob relaxed now that he knew the changes weren't permanent. He knew his grandma wanted him to have fun, but it's hard to think of your own grandparents as sexual beings. Jacob smiled. He never could have guessed that this is what she meant.

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